Friday, December 13, 2013

Only in dreams...

Roy Orbison might have sung it,but I have been living it.

I've been having problems sleeping and the main reasons is a succession of dreams that seem to get worse by the day.
There are so many things that the subconscious mind deals with that none of us are close to comprehending that affect us.
My sleep is never a strong suit as it and it is affecting me even wanting to sleep.
I've been dreaming about things that have happened and those that haven't yet are too horrible to contemplate.
People in my life,people that I don't want in my life and people long forgotten and obscure are making appearances.
I have no idea why this has started and even less in what they mean,so I'm confused about all of this.
I don't put a ton of stock in dream interpretations because I don't believe they have any more knowledge than I do on just what these things mean,but I do know this-I could use the sleep and I sure hope whatever is going on will stop!
Wish me luck!!

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