Sunday, December 9, 2007

Browns travel to the Big Cesspool,Seattle homestands vs Arizona

The Cleveland Browns travel to the big cesspool today to battle the Jets in a must win game for Cleveland playoff hopes.
The Browns should win this game,but this same Jets team defeated Pittsburgh a few weeks back in this very stadium,so Cleveland cannot take them lightly.
The key is being able to effectively rush young QB Kellen Clemons and stop Thomas Jones on the ground.
Clemons may not have either of his regular wideouts for the game in Jerricho Cotchery and Laveranus Coles,so the passing game is already weakened and I expect Jones to carry a heavy load today.
Our Pick:Browns 24-13

In Seattle,the Seahawks can virtually clinch the NFC West title today with a win over the second place Arizona Cardinals.
A victory would give Seattle a three game lead over Arizona with three games to play.
I think the Hawks will take advantage of a beat-up offense that could be missing Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin,rush the immobile Kurt Warner and win this one going away.
Our Pick:Seahawks 31-16.

The New Jersey Devils attempt to continue their winning streak at Madison Square Garden vs the Rangers today at 5.
This one will be reviewed on tape,as we will be watching the Browns-Jets game.

Bullpen Notes

I watched an IFC documentary on the 2004 election called "and so goes the nation" and enjoyed immensely.
Well produced and I thought covered both parties fairly.
Highly recommended,if you like political shows.

On the politics front,most of you that know me personally know of my dislike of Hillary Clinton and we preferred Barack Obama over Mrs.Clinton.
But Obama's vaunted and publicized move of traveling with Oprah Winfrey earned him no points with me.
I like Hillary Clinton more than Oprah Winfrey.
Does that tell you anything?
Our endorsement coming soon.

Tim Tebow winning the Heisman?
I haven't seen such a sorry selection since Charles Woodson over Peyton Manning.

Floyd Mayweather kept his WBC Welterweight title with a 10th round stoppage over Ricky Hatton.
Pretty much what we expected.
Now count on Floyd going for an Oscar De La Hoya rematch instead of facing someone that might take him in WBA kingpin Miguel Cotto.

The Fukuoka Hawks of the Japanese Pacific Leagues signed former Pirate outfielder
Michael Restovich yesterday.
Besides being a former Buc,Restovich will never be forgotten here at the home office.
He hit the only foul ball that I ever caught at a MLB game.

Back tomorrow with game recaps from the NFL and NHL and some more info on the AAA phase of the Rule 5 Draft.


Mike said...

don't you have video of that catch?

Ryan H. said...

McFadden or Colt Brennan would have made much better choices.
Or how about James Laurinaitis, clearly the best defensive player in the nation?
Congratulations to UCF's Kevin Smith on grabbing a few votes for an 8th place finish. Smith may be the player who breaks the NCAA rushing record of The Big Daddy, The Great Dayne, The Man of Few Words (and Many Yards) Mr.Ron Dayne.

Shawn said...

James Laurinaitis hasnt even won a defensive player of the year award yet as they keep giving them to Glenn Dorsey of LSU.
More anti-Big Ten bias