Monday, December 31, 2007

Tony Dungy makes "the list" as Browns win and lose

The Cleveland Browns had little to play for against the San Francisco 49ers other than a 10 win season as their playoff hopes would be decided by the Tennessee Titans in their visit to Indianapolis, but the Browns pounded out an unexciting 20-7 win and went home to watch the televised game from Indiana.

But first to the actual game which had just a few interesting notes.
Josh Cribbs returned a punt for a TD and continued to show why he is among the elite returners in the game.
The thing that makes Cribbs stand out among the others is his relentless running style in refusing to go down quietly and carrying tacklers along.
That is something that the more explosive returners lack as they may be faster, but tend to go down at first contact.
It has been a privilege to watch Josh Cribbs all this season and his combative attitude makes him my favorite Brown!
Derek Anderson tossed a long TD to Braylon Edwards and Phil Dawson booted two field goals for the other Cleveland points, but the other note was the debut of Brady Quinn.
Quinn piloted the team after Anderson left the game with a bruised hand after smacking it on a Niner helmet.
Quinn did have a dropped TD pass but bounced a few passes too.
Not much to say about Quinn good or bad and it would not be fair to grade him anyway after sitting all season.
I am sure that there will be plenty of time to critique Brady Quinn next season.

Now to Tony Dungy.
I know everyone loves Tony Dungy and he is a nice guy-etc etc, but his performance last night left me cold, and as a result-I will root against the Colts in every playoff game this season unless they battle New England.
That is right-IF the Steelers visit the Colts, I am rooting for Pittsburgh!
I wrote last week about my opinion on playing your best team when playoff implications are involved, but last night showed that Dungy took things to the highest degree.
Jim Sorgi could not out pass my aging arm, let alone impersonate an average NFL passer and if there is any karma for Tony Dungy, he will get stuck playing this bum for a while some time during his coaching career.
I consider myself a Peyton Manning fan, but it would be fitting for Tony Dungy to miss the playoffs one season because he had to play Jim Sorgi with the playoffs on the line.....
Plus his "I cannot wait to get out of here" at the game's end when he refused to even use his final timeout and let the clock run out...

One could expect no less from a Dennis Green disciple.
I gained respect for Tom Coughlin (who I have never been a fan of ) for trying to win Saturday with nothing to gain or lose, I have lost respect for Dungy.

The Seahawks basically played their bench guys in a 44-41 loss to Atlanta.
This I can see as nothing was on the line for either team.
I missed it due to the Browns playing at the same time.
Seattle will host Washington on Saturday in the NFC playoffs.

The Devils lost to the New York Islanders on Saturday 5-2.
I have no reasonable explanation for why the Islanders seem to play so well against New Jersey and I am tired of trying to figure it out, but the game was still fun as three fights took place.
Although Michael Rupp's one-punch demolition of Andy Sutton was cool, the most enjoyable was mild-mannered Mike Mottau's slugfest with Mr.Hilary Duff (Mike Comrie).
Devils goals to Zach Parise (16) and John Madden (12).
The Devils return to action on Wednesday at the Rock vs the Florida Panthers...

Bullpen Notes

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has a great article on hockey returning to Cleveland with the AHL's Lake Erie Monsters.
I have always thought Cleveland could be a good hockey town, but the problem is that Cleveland is a major league town that (similar to Baltimore's hockey struggles) does not really support minor league sports.

Here is hoping that the Redskins decide to use the "Lombardi" uniforms and helmet for next week's playoff game vs the Seahawks.
Those are the best uniform options that Washington has and they used them earlier this season, so they are eligible for use...

As mad as I am at Tony Dungy, I am very happy for Jeff Fisher and his Titans.
Fisher is a good guy, a Buddy Ryan disciple, and an excellent coach to boot and I am rooting for his team all the way in the AFC...

I wish the Pirates would get off the couch to announce the coaching staff for Hickory and Lynchburg already.
Dave Lunquist (2007 Hickory pitching coach) has already been announced as the new pitching coach for Lakewood next season.
Wonder what that means for one of our favorites in Ed Hodge???

Happy New Year to all!

Photo Credits
Cribbs-Tony Dejak-AP Photo
Fight-Ed Betz-AP Photo


Anonymous said...

Poetic justice would be to have Manning out for the game (with a non-long term injury because nobody wants anybody to get hurt long-term...a sprained knee or something) on the first play of their playoff game, and be stuck with Sorgi against the Steelers.

So the question is, are you going to root for the Steelers or the Pats if that's the championship game? I lived in Pittsburgh for a while, so I like the Steelers. I am not a fan of the Washington Racial Slurs; and the Ravens...well, they're just embarrassing.

That said, I really want the Patriots to make it to the Super Bowl (18-0, which would totally render the 1972 Miami Dolphins irrelevant...and then lose, which would be justice for spy gate!

Shawn said...

Ugh,What a horrible choice in the AFC title game that would be.
The hated Steelers vs Bill Belichek and Tom Brady....
I suppose the Steelers with nose held the whole game!

The Scenario that you described for the Colts sounds good to me.
I have always liked Peyton,since I was a big Archie fan as a kid,but Dungy would certainly deserve that treatment!