Friday, December 14, 2007

Devils stop Bruins in the snow

No,the game was not played in the Boston snow,but it was dumping huge amounts of snow outside.
Heavy enough to allow only 1,500 fans to get to the arena to watch the New Jersey Devils defeat the Bruins 3-1.
Brian Gionta's breakaway second period goal gave New Jersey a lead that would never be equaled and the captain Jamie Langenbrunner scored a 5 on 3 power play goal in the second before finishing the scoring in the waning moments with the clinching goal into the empty Boston net.
A great defensive performance by the Devils as they allowed Boston to have just 19 shots on net and few of those were legitimate scoring chances.
Not the most exciting of games,but considering the lack of fans and the general domination on defense-I enjoyed it.
Plus the game featured a pretty good fight between middleweights David Clarkson and Milan Lucic.
The Devils return to the Rock for two weekend games against the Phoenix Coyotes and the Flyers before a three game Canadian swing that will see New Jersey visit Vancouver,Edmonton and Calgary before returning home.

Bullpen Notes

Good move by the Blue Jays in signing David Eckstein to a one year deal.
Eckstein is coming off his career year,but smart decision to pay Eckstein based on his career in total not one season.
It works well for Eckstein too,as if he can repeat his 2007 season,he will be back on the free agent market with fewer questions.

Glad to not say the same about the latest move by the Philadelphia Flyers.
A 12 year contract to Mike Richards???
Richards is certainly playing well,but this is really odd.
If this is a guaranteed deal,the Flyers are even stupider than I gave them credit for

My thoughts on the Mitchell Report?
Few surprises to me,so not really worth mentioning much about until sometime when the Hall of Fame topic comes up.
The one surprise to me is that Sammy Sosa's name was not mentioned though.

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Boston-Charles Krupp-AP Photo

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