Thursday, December 27, 2007

Random Ramblings

Just a few thoughts from the Ramblings notebook for today.

Sorry to hear about the passing of Los Angeles sportscaster Stu Nahan at the age of 81.
There was a time in the 70's and 80's where every movie that had anything to do with sports had Stu Nahan in it.
Stu was the announcer at ringside in the Rocky movies and most notable was a cameo in the classic Fast Times at Ridgemont High with Sean Penn,as Stu interviews Jeff Spicoli in his dream of winning a surfing tournament.
His deadpan interview segment with Spicoli comparing him to surfing stars Mark "Cutback" Davis and Bob "Jungle Death" Girard is an all time classic!
Adios Stu..............

Here is a great in-depth post on the Newberg Report on the potential of the Josh Hamilton-Edinson Volquez trade.
The blog is a Rangers blog,but covers both teams willingness to gamble with high end players and the background of both prospects....

In looking through some old posts here,I stumbled upon an interesting local blog in
A bag full of health and politics.
Looks like it covers health issues (not my thing),but also Democratic politics (definitely my bag).
I have never met this fellow,but his posts that I read were pretty interesting.
Sure hope that he isn't the Suns fan that was here over the summer that sure wasn't a fan of ours!
Ha Ha........

Well travelled hoops coach Eddie Sutton has agreed to fill in at San Francisco for the remainder of the basketball season for the "leave of absence" taking Jessie Evans.
If Sutton can win two games,he moves to the elite number of coaches that have won 800 games over their career in college basketball.
Sutton would become the 9th coach to reach that number.....

Mark Prior's signing with the Padres makes sense for both teams.
Prior was smart enough to sign with a team that has maybe the best pitchers park in the majors and was able to sign a one year deal without an option clause.
The Padres were able to gamble on a high upside talent with a smart gamble and just for a one year commitment....
Now tell me why the Cubs didn't offer a similar package to keep the talented Prior???

Until next time

Photo Credits
Penn/Nahan-Fast Times at Ridgemont High-Everett Collection
Prior-Lennyu Ignelzi-AP Photo

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the note, and sorry I didn't see this earlier. On the holiday week, I have been remiss in checking Technorati for links to my blog. Sorry about that.

And I think we actually have met, in the parking lot of Municipal Stadium after the game where we were really razzing the umpires about balks, the phantom ones they called and the real ones they didn't, back in April, I think. I believe you said something like, "Notice how fast they got out of their. It was the worst umpired game I've ever seen in my life," or something like that. You were wearing Pirates gear, I believe.