Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cleanin' out the inbox

Time to catch up on things that I have missed over the last few days with the Christmas season upon us along with the work season getting busy as well.

The Devils went to the Canadian Left Coast to start a road swing and were crushed by the Vancouver Canucks 5-0.
Not much to say,the effort wasnt bad,but the Canucks came to play and put together an excellent performance.
The Devils battle the Oilers in Edmonton tomorrow.

On the Canucks-great uniforms.
The Colors go well together and keeping the original logo on the shoulder adds to the look.

The Hagerstown Suns announced their coaching staff for the 2008 season.
Former Pirate Darnell Coles and former Brave Tony Tarasco are moving up from Vermont to take over as Manager and Hitting Coach.
Paul Menhart remains as Hagerstown pitching coach next season.

Gabe Kapler leaves managing after one year to return as a player with a one year deal with the Brewers.
Not sure about the remaining skills.but he looks in good enough shape when he visited Hagerstown last season.

If West Virginia does not hire Terry Bowden as their head coach,they are way off base.
You have a name coach that wants to coach for you,you already have questions about living up to commitments and you want to hire an assistant from another school?????

We kinda like the minor league signing of power righty T.J. Beam by the Pirates.
Another high upside low risk gas thrower that could be a bullpen plus.....

And finally-another Bill Parcells signing in the NFL,this time in Miami.
Over/Under on how long Parcells lasts-2 years.
I never understand why teams throw money at these older coaches that really dont want to do this anymore,their hearts arent in it and they leave before the job is finished.

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