Thursday, December 20, 2007

John Edwards for President

After careful consideration between two candidates ,we have decided to endorse former North Carolina Senator John Edwards as our candidate for President.
Edwards was really only competing with Delaware Senator Joseph Biden for our tip of the cap and despite the impeccable credentials of Senator Biden,we just do not think that Biden has much of a chance to win the nomination.
Edwards does.
We realize that "electability" should not matter when endorsing,but this is shaping up to be an election cycle that could be the most important ever and for the Democratic party electing someone that can win is a must.
We believe that Sen.Clinton has too many voters that have a negative opinion of her to win,while Senator Obama has yet to bulk up a light resume' to show that he can lead the United States.

Either of the two front runners will enable the GOP to have a chance to retain the Presidency in a year that they should have next to no chance.
John Edwards is a candidate that will battle for the issues ( Global Warming,Iraq,the lagging amount of jobs to name a few) that need addressing and comes without the baggage carried by Clinton and Obama.
So on the Democratic side,we wholeheartedly endorse Senator John Edwards for President.

I may in a future post detail more of Senator Edwards positions,but time is limited with my working 27 of the next 32 hours and I wanted to get this up and posted.
For more information,check this weeks issue of Newsweek,which features Edwards on the cover.

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