Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cavalier rally ends nine game losing streak

The Cleveland Cavaliers had fallen behind by double digits in the third quarter and without Kyrie Irving,the Cleveland losing streak appeared headed to double digits as well.
Suddenly, a spark was lit from the past as Antawn Jamison turned back the clock with 16 of his 25 points in the quarter coming from slashes to the basket along with his jumpers from the present and the losing streak was over via a 84-80 margin.
Jamison was the leading scorer with Lester Hudson popping in a career high 23 points to assist in the win.
Cleveland will travel to New Jersey on Sunday for a six o'clock start.


1) Kyrie Irving will be out for the next week to ten days and this is a opportunity to play for Lester Hudson and Donald Sloan.
Hudson's 23 points and seven assists were the main reason for the victory and Hudson was able to accomplish what so many in basketball cannot-hit free throws.
Hudson hit 11 of 13 from the charity stripe and with his ten day contract near expiration could have bought himself more time on the team.

2) Lester Hudson and Donald Sloan are both products of the D-League and as I watch more and more games this season,more players from the minors are getting chances to not just sit on the bench,but to play significant minutes while on the roster.
The D-League is a great idea and it is a long overdue development for the league to actually work in the fashion that a minor league should work....

3) Alonzo Gee only scored nine points,but I love his effort on the defensive end of the floor.
Gee never stops the motor and has value even on less than strong offensive nights...

4) Byron Scott is generally a cool customer on the sidelines,which is why it was such a surprise to see him ejected near the end of the first half.
Scott was arguing about fouls that were not being called and before you know it-Scott was gone.

5) Cleveland scored just 12 points in the third period and trailed by the same number at the end of three quarters.
The Cavaliers outscored Toronto 33-17 to grab a win that seemed to be headed for the loss column.
The key was Antawn Jamison,who had a run that saw him score 14 of the teams 18 points during some of the fourth period.
I am often critical of Jamison,but he grabbed the game by the throat and was the best player on the floor in the fourth quarter....

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