Monday, April 9, 2012

Taking it to the limit..

The Cleveland Cavaliers gave the New Jersey Nets all they wanted and forced overtime on Lester Hudson's long range and well covered three pointer before the deeper Nets pulled away in overtime for a 122-117 victory at the Rock.
Antawn Jamison finished with 34 points and was ably assisted by the aforementioned Lester Hudson with 26 and Alonzo Gee with 22.
Cleveland returns tomorrow against the Charlotte Bobcats.


1) Lester Hudson is working on his second and final ten day contract.
Hudson has proven that deserves a deal to finish the season and given a full opportunity to be an off the bench option for next season.
Hudson is not afraid to drive the lane and his jumper looks safe to me.
Hudson brings back memories of bench bombers Vinnie Johnson and Ricky Pierce and he has proven enough to me to be given a chance to be on next years team...

2)  Antawn Jamison had one of his better shooting night of the season with a 12 for 19 game.
I know I rant against Jamison shooting too much and that he has become one dimensional in his game,but still think that he could have helped someone in the playoffs...

3) Alonzo Gee played well with a double double of 22 points and 11 rebounds.
Gee's success after being signed from the D-League is likely the reason (Beside the injury need) that Donald Sloan and Lester Hudson are getting the playing time that they are.

4) Donald Sloan did have a rough night shooting ( 3 of 13) but he did play well running the point as he finished with 14 assists.
Sloan has a chance at being the backup next season to Kyrie Irving,but will have to pick up his shooting prowess as he shoots just over 34 percent from the floor....

5) Tristan Thompson finished with 15 points and 15 boards and 10 of them off the offensive glass.
I am looking forward to seeing Thompson and Anderson Varejao play together as a unit that is going to be tough to keep off the glass....

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