Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cleaning out the inbox

The inbox has some mails that have sat inside it for a month,so it is far past time to clean it out a bit.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has spent  just under seven million dollars on a redesign/renovation .
It is said to make it "easier to find the Hall of Fame section".
That this was needed in a Hall of Fame says much for the original design of the museum,as in a flawed one.
I must say I was not really overwhelmed by the Rock Hall when Ryan and I visited it a while back and any improvements might go a long way in a return visit....

C-SPAN's founder and long time director Brian Lamb is stepping down from his position.
Lamb's duties will be split between two replacements,one of which is Susan Swain,a long time host on the network's programs.
Lamb will remain as host of the Sunday evening Q and A program in which Lamb interviews a different guest for 60 minutes each week.
For five of the best moments of Brian Lamb on the air,click here to check them out...

The Current TV network marriage with Keith Olbermann ended in divorce as the network released the mercurial Olbermann,who promptly sued the network for breach of contract.
I have always liked Olbermann's work,but there can be little doubt that he has burned so many bridges that he may have issues finding another high profile job.
Like it or not,this could be the end of Olbermann in the mainstream.... founder Jeff Bezos claims that he has found the engines of Apollo 11 and plans to raise them.
The F-1 engines condtion is unknown as they have been sitting under and in corrosive salt water since 1969.The engines provided 32 million in measured horsepower in sending the Apollo 11 astronauts to the moon and might have survived reasonably well due to their strong construction and massive size...

The NASA Messenger spacecraft is currently orbiting the planet Mercury and seems to have a few surprises from the trip.
Mercury appears to have a iron core that is far larger than originally thought and the planet was geoologically active for far longer than originally thought.
Messenger was planned to be a one year project,but has been given a one year extension by NASA....

Popcorn better than fruits and vegetables?
Well,it appears so in one way at least as a study claims that antioxidants in popcorn are more prevalent than in fruits and veggies.
As a popcorn buff (Non-buttered,thanks),I am all for giving one of my favorite foods some props.
Antioxidants are thought to have natural cancer and heart disease fighting properties...

Ryan sends me this article on former Cy Young winner, doctor and controversial teacher of pitchers, Mike Marshall.
You may not agree with all that Marshall says,but the Doctor does make you think a bit about what we are teaching our arms of the future..

Finally,Big Don sent me a link from Baseball America that I was going to add to this,but was too interesting to confine to the inbox,so look for a future post dealing with their ten ways to improve minor league baseball.....

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