Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Devils survive Game 6 in OT!!!

It appeared that the New Jersey Devils were on their way to losing another multi-goal lead as the Florida Panthers had rallied from a 2-0 deficit and tied the game at two.
As the game entered overtime,only one team faced elimination.
At the conclusion of the overtime,both teams will be looking into the abyss of a season ending game as Travis Zajac's goal 5:39 into overtime lifted the Devils to a 3-2 win and tied the series at three games apiece.
Ilya Kovalchuk and Steve Bernier scored to build the early lead for New Jersey.
Game 7 is tomorrow night in Florida and yes,I know same night and time as the NFL Draft.
Suffice it to say-I am not pleased.
However,we will have the Devils on TV,the draft on the PC and looks like a big night of coverage.
I plan on the Browns draft preview tonight.....

Hell Raisers

1) Full disclosure.
I missed the first two periods of the game.
The Hagerstown City Council held an open forum on the building of a new stadium for the Hagerstown Suns and I spoke at the forum.
After spending most of the day at the car dealership,I would have much rather sat at home and watched the Devils,but in the big picture,it was better for me to have my views heard...

2) Good news/Bad news stat.
The bright side was the Devils outshot the Panthers 42-16.
The dark was that it took that high of a shot differential for the Devils to pull out an overtime win...

3) I missed his goal,but Steve Bernier has played well in this series.
Put the two goals aside,Bernier has been tough and physical,which are portions of his games that he has always possessed,but did not always use...

4) Travis Zajac scored the winning goal,but give credit to the sometimes maligned Ilya Kovalchuk,as two defenders were forced to cover him under the threat of his shot,which allowed Kovalchuk to pass to Zajac.
Sometimes the threat is just as important as the actual deed as long as the teammates can take advantage of the opportunity...

5) So we move to Game seven and time for me to gripe about a team that finished the year with eight fewer points getting home ice for the season deciding game.
The NHL should clean up this mess by giving a champion an automatic playoff spot to a division champion,but then seeding by points.
Home ice for a game that will send one team home for the summer should not be decided that way.

6) All on the line again tomorrow night in the home of the rats and the morons that buy them for five bucks each.
The Panthers then sweep them up and re-sell them.
My opinions on these southern fans are well known-lets hope that the next Devils post will not be my last for the season...

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