Sunday, November 4, 2012

Buckeyes thrash Illini 52-22

Ohio State kept the only trophy that they play for each season as the IlliBuck stayed with the Buckeyes as Ohio State put 31 points on the board in the first half and cruised to a 52-22 win over Illinois at Ohio Stadium.
Carlos Hyde scored three touchdowns on the ground while Braxton Miller accounted for three scores as well,throwing for two and running for another.
The 10-0 Buckeyes have next Saturday off before finishing the season against Wisconsin and michigan...

Buckeye Leaves

1) This looked to be a mismatch and it was.Illinois lost their best defensive player in Jonathan Brown early in the game and the OSU running game confounded the Illini both on inside and outside runs...

2) Braxton Miller might not be the best player in the land,but he is the most exciting.
Watching Miller cut and maneuver with the ball in his hand reminds me of Barry Sanders more than any quarterback that I can think of...

3) Both touchdown passes featured exciting plays.
Corey Brown made about six guys miss on his play and Rod Smith was so wide open on his catch that I might have scored on the play!

4) Good game for the defense of the 22 Illinois points,the defense allowed only a red zone TD after a turnover and two field goals.
Illinois does not make you quake thinking about their offense,but a solid performance anyway,...

5) Ohio State did have a few personal fouls called against them and I hope to see that stuff stop.
Illinois was a chippy team,but don't sink to the level of the bottom dwellers...

6) Carlos Hyde is progressing well as a threat between the tackles.
Hyde has begun to keep the legs moving instead of just falling forward and that helps loosen the outside for the Braxton Miller runs...

7) I like trophy games,but no one gets excited about the IlliBuck.
It's a neat trophy and all,but losing to a lesser program is worse than losing the turtle.

Photo Credit;Marvin Fong Cleveland Plain Dealer

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