Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cavaliers end road trip in Brooklyn

The Cleveland Cavaliers finally ended their brutal road trip,but it ended with yet another loss as the Cavaliers lost in their first trip to the new arena in Brooklyn 114-101.
The Cavaliers received huge games from Anderson Varejao (35 points) and Kyrie Irving (34 points),but little help elsewhere as the Cavaliers finished the trip with four losses after a opening win in Los Angeles over the Clippers.


1) Anderson Varejao finished with a career high in points and generally dominated on the offensive end against the Nets Brook Lopez..
Varejao was hitting a ton of high percentage shots from inside the paint with layups and layins,which kept Brooklyn from disrespecting the inside game.

2) Kyrie Irving was on his game as well with one particular behind the back pass to Varejao for a layup.
Irving was especially strong in a fourteen point fourth period and had even the visiting crowd cheering after the aforementioned pass.

3) I don't think that the Irving-Varejao is the best combination in the league,actually they would not rank in the top ten,but they might be the best doing one thing-the pick and roll.
Varejao converts gimme baskets better than anyone I know and that's is quite an accomplishment.
If the pair mesh this well now,as time goes on they might get even better...

4) That is about all the nice things that I can say about this one other than a nice Dion Waiters tomahawk slam.
Anytime that you score 101 points and 69 come from two players there is some cause for concern.
Some of that is due to maybe the worst bench in the league..

5) Well,this team might have the worst bench in the league.
Six points? Yuck.
Only Daniel Gibson has produced off the bench this season on occasion with the injured Tyler Zeller being an exception.
C.J.Miles has been a disappointment and Omri Casspi has been non-existent..


Ryan H. said...

Brook Lopez is the worst defensive big man in the league. How many did he stand straight up and then back himself under the rim and out of the play?

Shawn said...

Way too many,If I would guess at least three and likely a few more.
It's too bad,I like his offensive game,but calling him a defensive liability is being very kind....