Friday, January 25, 2008

Devils melt down in loss to Montreal and why I love Brent Sutter

The New Jersey Devils held a 3-1 lead after two periods against the Montreal Canadiens and appeared to be cruising into the All-Star break with their third win in a row.
But a nuclear size meltdown in the third period allowed the Canadiens to escape with a 4-3 win and allowed Brent Sutter to take charge of the under-performing squad.
Patrik Elias scored a first period powerplay goal and an even strength tally in the second(13 and 14) and when the Captain Jamie Langenbrunner added a late second period goal (8) on the powerplay to build the lead to 3-1,all looked well.
But three goals from Montreal in the final period shocked the Devils,although when you skate like the game is already over and get outshot 20-3 in a period,should you be shocked?
But the General was not shy about the horrible effort and will likely be getting a fine from the league for taking them to the practice rink BEFORE the mandated cool-down time and meeting with the press and (hopefully) skating their ass off-which they certainly did not do during the third period.
Sutter offered these quotes and thoughts and I back Sutter all the way!

"I'm disappointed in the whole team and its commitment to win. Their play was brutal. They already had their plans to head to (Las) Vegas or wherever the hell they're going before the game was half over. It's totally unacceptable. Everything it takes to win a hockey game, we didn't do. It was a total lack of effort from everyone."

"For whatever reason, we had a lot of guys who wanted to do their own thing out there," Sutter said. "We had a 2-0 lead and had a 5-on-3 power play and had four or five quality scoring chances, but they were thinking of themselves instead of the team. We've had two-goal leads in our building and let them slip. It shows a lack of commitment to want to play. It tells you that this is not a mentally strong hockey team."

"To be honest, they should be embarrassed. It's hard for me to sit on this for four days. It sure as hell better be hard on them as well. We were brutal."

It is nice to see that someone cares and is not going to blow smoke up their rear after a gift to Montreal and Brent Sutter may have cemented himself as the Devils leader for quite a while.
New Jersey takes their break (in Vegas or wherever the hell they are going) and will play the Penguins on Tuesday....

Bullpen Notes

Ashland University unveiled plans for a 7,000 seat on campus football stadium.
That would mean that the Eagles would eventually move out of Community Stadium and leave the high school Arrows as the only tenant there.
The design looks like it fits the bill well for a Division II tenant and 14.5 Million has been raised towards the project already.
Looks like a new stop on the hometown returns down the road.

More on the Dana Jacobsen front.
The Christian Defense Coalition held a protest outside of ESPN headquarters in Bristol Connecticut today and the heat is building for ESPN to give her the boot.
As we stated yesterday,we back their efforts to fire Jacobsen,mainly because the michigan grad is annoying and has a better sub waiting in the wings in Sage Steele..

Jacobsen has to be sweating bullets as posted this picture today from the event.
Two things came to my mind...
1)They weren't kidding about swilling Vodka!
Look at the size of the bottle!
2)She actually wore a dress,I was not aware she owned one.
Usually on First Take,her wardrobe is from the Hillary Clinton pantsuit collection.

Understatement of the year goes to ESPN spokesman Mike Soltys.
"We won't be participating in another roast anytime soon."

Thanks to the readers that keep us moving up the charts as Wednesday set another record for visits and Thursday narrowly missed that total!!

Finally, interesting read in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on the 20th anniversary of
Jerome ("Send it in,Jerome!) Lane's rim destruction for the Pitt Panthers against Providence.
Sounds like the former Denver Nugget still has ill will towards then-Pitt coach Paul Evans.

Photo Credits
Sutter-Bruce Bennett-Getty Images
Jacobsen-Icon SMI
Lane-Vince Musi-Pittsburgh Press


Ryan Heimberger said...

Oddly, my most vivid memories of Jerome Lane are as the sixth man for the Indiana Pacers in TECMO NBA BASKETBALL.

The Bag of Health and Politics said...

There is no doubt they have cause to fire Jacobsen if she was officially representing the network at the roast, or if she has a morals clause--highly likely at a big place like ESPN--in her contract. There is no excuse for her behavior.

That said, I have no problem with karma coming back at Notre Dame and its boosters. They ran Ty Willingham off in a truly classless manner, which frankly stunk of race, and then treated Charlie Weis as the second coming. I hope Notre Dame goes 0-12 next year, and keeps Charlie Weis around even after that. Then, what went down will be obvious to everybody (even though it already is).

So what I'm trying to say is that Notre Dame boosters have no right to complain about that kind of behavior...

Shawn said...

I cannot stand Notre Dame or Dana Jacobsen,so the perfect scenario would be for Jacobsen to get fired and Notre Dame to keep putting up those 2 and 3 win seasons!!