Wednesday, January 30, 2008

John Edwards suspends candidacy,I wonder about the two survivors..

John Edwards today suspended a campaign that that had been pretty much on hold with the public since he left Iowa.
The only campaign that spoke to "real people" is now history,only thought about for the endorsement that could be the game winner for either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.
John Edwards spoke for the poor,the lower middle class and the middle class and brought issues to the table that had been dumped under the table for quite a while.
First out with a universal health care plan,first to talk about the horrible NAFTA-like agreements,first to talk about the struggles of the working class of this country-none of it mattered.
Read that as-He didn't have the name recognition of Clinton or the celebrity endorsements of Obama.
The media wants celebrities,not candidates and now they have them.
Despite his best efforts,Edwards was simply the wrong man for this time.
Two people are still standing and both have flaws that stand out tremendously.
One has the hatred of the GOP that will do anything to defeat her,the other is an inexperienced Senator of two years that seems almost listless in delivering anything that is not a structured stump speech.
If this campaign on the Democratic side had anything to do with the quality of the candidates,not the fame,money and celebrity endorsers,the two candidates left would be John Edwards and Joe Biden.
Men with intelligence,ideas and experience,not like Clinton and Obama.
Sound like sour grapes?
Just tremendously frustrated with my party and have a striking feeling that an almost certain victory for the Democrats in November is starting to slip away against the prospective Republican shield wearer John McCain.
Thanks to John Edwards for battling the tide for as long as he did and that leaves me questioning why I should even bother with this.
I have never felt the way that I do about politics right now.
I am open to listening to why I should offer my support to either Clinton or Obama,but be forewarned-I will be a tough sale.
Here is a link to a Newsweek article on Edwards' legacy from the 2008 race.

Bullpen Notes

More catching up on what has accumulated in the Bullpen...................

The Devils activated enforcer Cam Janessen for the first time this season from the disabled list,but scratched him from last night's loss to Pittsburgh.

The new All-American football league that starts in April had its first draft last week.
The six team league looks to locate in college football areas and have players from colleges in the area assigned to those teams.
Sounds good to me,but the league has to get a TV contract and as of now they do not.

Margret Truman Daniel died yesterday at 83.
The only child of former President Harry S Truman was a singer and author and is the subject of a famous Truman story.
After her concert in Washington,the critic of the Washington Post,Paul Hume heavily criticized Truman's singing in his review for the Post.
The President ripped off a scathing letter to Hume that basically said that when the President ever met Hume,Hume would need a new nose!
I like to think that I would defend my daughter that way as well....

Until tomorrow.

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Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

The Republican strategy DEPENDS on fostering the very disgust that you've expressed and EXPECTS the apathy you're showing. They are the minority of all registered voters, but they continue to win by playing dirty and depessing the opposition's turnout.

To grossly oversimplify -- which the Republicans are very good at BTW... Out of every 100 voters, roughly 30 are Republicans, 45 are Democrats and rest are independent. Of those 30 Repubs, 26 will vote and vote Republican, of those 40 Dems, less than 20 will vote, and of those 25 independents, less than 10 will vote.

The independents and Dems are not as party-reliant, so even in my scenario, while it may look like the Republicans lose 30-26, there's generally a straying of 10-20%, which makes up the difference.

Put another way, if you don't vote, your Republican brother-in-law's vote counts just a little bit more.

So, if you can't vote for Obama or Clinton, then vote against McCain or Romney (seriously, I'm from MA, and Mitt is every bit the facade that he's accused of being).

Anonymous said...

Sorry about Edwards. Obama has already quietly said he'd appoint Edwards to be AG. A good spot to investigate people who are abusing their privileges.

I agree that the Democratic Party may be snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. A Clinton nomination against McCain is a path to defeat in my mind. Obama is risky, but he has a huge potential upside against McCain. And to this point, Obama has weathered very nasty attacks from the Clintons quite well. McCain is not as likely to be as nasty with him.

That said, it's still possible for good old Mitt to win the nomination. He has unlimited resources, and McCain doesn't. The Republicans allocate their delegates in a winner take all fashion, which is advantageous to a well-funded candidate like Romney. McCain has raised $29 million for the entire campaign. Obama raised $32 million in the month of January alone...

Ryan Heimberger said...
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Ryan Heimberger said...

I suppose this changes my official position from "Undecided" to "Obama".


Anonymous said...

If anybody is local in Hagerstown and is interested in helping the Obama campaign out, please sign up through Obama's official website, where a group called "Hagerstown for Obama," has been formed:

Here is a link to the site.

This is kind of put together at the last minute, but we'll do what we can. Even an hour standing on a corner with a sign really does help.

Finally, if people are interested in seeing Senator Obama speak in person, he will be holding a rally in Wilmington, Delaware on Sunday. Here is a link to the event information and sign-up This may be the closest Obama gets to Hagerstown.