Monday, January 14, 2008

"Roll Over" Dungy gets some payback..........

"Roll Over" Tony Dungy got a little bit of payback for his benching of Peyton Manning among other in the Colts season finale' as the Colts were upset by the San Diego Chargers at home yesterday.
This is the second time in three seasons that Dungy has benched players late in the season to "rest" and then were eliminated at home by a lower seeded team that had played the previous week.
Perhaps the Colts loss to an inferior Steeler team two years ago had not sunk in or "Roll Over" enjoys making the same mistake time and time again.
One thing that I noticed in the post-game press conference is Dungy's smiles and almost indifference to the loss.
Perhaps Dungy,who plays the "I don't know if I will coach next year" game seemingly every season,should just pull the trigger and leave the game.
He has a championship and maybe the fire has left the coach...
In any event,congratulations to the Chargers and what goes around comes around to Dungy.....

Bullpen Notes

A final note on the Colts and "Roll Over".
IF they had played it straight against Tennessee,it is possible that they would not have played San Diego in the second round.
Cleveland would have been a much stronger offensive foe for San Diego than Tennessee and may have beaten the Chargers on a day that the Chargers offense was not clicking.

Former Brooklyn Dodger pitcher Johnny Podres died yesterday at the age of 75.
Podres won the 1st World Series MVP in 1955 in winning Game 7 over the Yankees to bring Brooklyn their only World Championship.
Podres was a pitching coach for several teams,most notably the Phillies.
Curt Schilling gives the credit to Podres for turning him into the pitcher that he eventually became.....

Ohio State lost backup QB Rob Schoenhoft,as Schoenhoft announced plans to transfer to 1-AA Delaware.
A good move for him,as Ohio State would have likely moved Antonio Henton ahead of him on the depth chart and the Buckeyes are still in the running for highly touted Terrelle Pryor.

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Ryan Heimberger said...

In additional sad pitcher news, former Chicago Cubs Don Cardwell passed away today at age 72.
Cardwell is best known for throwing a no-hitter against the Cardinals in his first start as a Cub in 1960.
The shoestring catch made by the notoriously slow-footed Outfielder Moose Moryn to preserve the no-hitter remains an oft-repeated Cubs folk story.