Saturday, January 12, 2008

Seahawks visit the Tundra in NFC Semis

The Seattle Seahawks visit Green Bay and the Packers in the only game this weekend that I am really rooting FOR someone in.
I have always been an unabashed Brett Favre fan and if the Hawks have to lose to someone in the playoffs,I cannot pick a better team than Green Bay.
The keys to this game in my opinion is the same for both teams-the team that can get the most production from their running game will likely win this game.
The teams are very closely matched except at QB where Favre holds an advantage over Matt Hasselbeck.
Watch for excellent and unsung linebacking play from both teams with Seattle's Lofa Tatupu and Julian Peterson countering the Pack's A.J. Hawk and Nick Barnett.
Both Tatupu and Barnett are excellent tacklers and are know for snaring an interception or two as well.
This is a Pick em game and makes a tough call,but the wisdom is the home field is worth 3 points. and that makes the difference.
Our Pick:Packers 24-20.

Last week we went 4-0 on the playoffs opening weekend.
Here are this weeks picks.
Packers over Seahawks,Cowboys over Giants,Colts over Chargers and Jaguars over Patriots.
Yep,I am going for the home run and I am likely just looking for a silver thread,but I have a crazy feeling that Jacksonville will at least scare the hell of the Patriots tonight.
Plus,when I don't hear ANYONE giving a team the slightest chance,that sets off the red flag for me.

Bullpen Notes

Bill Maher's Real Time returned last night and was a terrific show that featured some guy from Rolling Stone giving as good as he got against former White House mouthpiece Tony Snow.
Plus Mark Cuban got a shot in on Bill O'Reilly as well!

For those of you that mailed me about Kirsten Powers (OK,just one of you),here is a picture of the lefty pundit.
Powers appeared on O'Reilly's show last night and gave us this exchange.
O'Reilly:"C'mon Powers,you love doing this show."
Powers:without a smile or laugh-"yeah,right"

Watched last nights Telefutura fights featuring the "Contender" winner Sergio Mora and was far from impressed.
Mora lacks power and attempts to be a boxer type without the skills of a top level boxer.
Look for Mora to be exposed as soon as he fights a top 20 boxer.

On the fight game,look for a Boxing vs MMA post soon on a slow day.....

Mildly surprised that the Browns let go defensive coordinator Todd Grantham yesterday.
The Browns aren't loaded with talent on that side of the ball and looks like Grantham is the scapegoat.
A shot in the dark as his replacement?
Try former Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan,if he doesn't get the Baltimore top spot.

The New Jersey Devils visit Buffalo tonight for a game against the Sabres at 7.
Coverage here tomorrow............

On the signing front-
former King and Red Wing Jimmy Carson signed through the mail...

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Ryan Heimberger said...

No mention of Jimmy Carson's tenure in Edmonton? Granted it was only one year- but he was involved in the Gretzky deal.

Shawn said...

Yeah,but I bet Carson wishes that he could forget his time in Edmonton!