Monday, November 21, 2011

Cleaning out the Inbox

Time to dump the inbox out this week,but first a note...

No coverage of the Devils win in Tampa or the Ohio State loss to Penn State.
I did not get to see very much of the Ohio State game and what I did see was in a sports bar with Penn State fans,so I was unable to watch it as closely as usual.
I will have Browns coverage later today and maybe Seahawks coverage of their win over the Rams.

Look for a post over the next day or two for my annual trip to Hershey for the AHL Devils visit to Chocolate Town and finally a Devils WIN there!!!!

The NHL is opening their own production company as NHL Original Productions and will be working with former HBO Sports head Ross Greenburg's company on documentaries.
Think of it as the NHL's version of NFL Films,which is a great idea.
Hopefully,this will improve their season ending products,which in the past have been marred by questionable narration decisions such as Whoopie Goldberg(?) narrating the Devils last Cup DVD.
The first to hit the airwaves will be on January 2nd with a look at the 1972 Canada vs Russia Summit Series.
I have been critical of Greenburg's decisions with the HBO boxing programs,but the starting of the sports of the 20th century series was pure genius and all of them have been excellent,so this should be a success for all involved..

Good for the Big Ten to act so swiftly in removing Joe Paterno's name off the title trophy.
Putting the scandal aside,I did not favor this to begin with as Paterno did not make his name or his programs for that matter in the conference.
There were better choices for a Big Ten trophy than Paterno and having Amos Alonzo Stagg's name alone on the trophy was fine with me to start with.

I love fish and in my never ending war against inflating like a Thanksgiving Day parade float (I think if I wore all white,I might pass for the Snoopy Float this year),I am always looking for ways to cut things.
Men's Health offers this list of the 12 fish that you should never eat for various reasons that range from species that are nearing extinction to pollution and to fish that just are not good for you.
I found it quite interesting....

Freelance author Seth Kolloen has written a terrific article about Chris Lincecum the father of Giants ace Tim Lincecum entitled "The passion of Chris Lincecum".
The article deals with the mechanics of the pitcher,what he throws and even some talk on the "small muscles" which have helped build the endurance of the Giants righthander.
Fascinating stuff!

Keith Olbermann's blog offers a look at a long time favorite that just had a bad break and now the reason why is coming out.
I was always a fan of Calvin Schiraldi going back to his days as a star at Texas.
I have never been a Longhorn fan,but when I first began to see ESPN, I loved the Texas pitchers on their college baseball coverage-Roger Clemens,Mike Capel,Greg Swindell and Schiraldi.
So I was a fan to start with and then people began to see his baseball cards and commented how much we looked alike.
I showed a Schiraldi card to Rachel this weekend and she gasped in surprise on the resemblance in younger pictures of myself.
In any event,there was a program on the 1986 post season on the MLB network,which Schiraldi appeared on and for the first time revealed an unknown fact.
Manager John McNamara had told Calvin that he was done for the evening.
Anyone that has pitched at any level knows the adrenalin drop that cannot be gotten back once the bench boss has told you that you are through for the game.
The program sounds fascinating and even though I missed it,I am sure to catch it sooner or later.
Keep an eye out for it,if you can...

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