Monday, June 18, 2012

Cleaning out the inbox

Time to clean the inbox without the usual picture.
Not sure what the problem is but Facebook thinks the picture is a spam magnet.
Not sure why that is,but....

Battlin" Bob sends this item on a Canadian fisherman catching this brilliant blue lobster.
According to the Maine lobster institute-the blue coloring is due to an "excessive amount of a particular protein" and happens once in every two million crustaceans.
I just love stuff like this,but I suppose you might have noticed this trend through the years with these types of stories....

Want to read through the lines on GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his work at job cutting at Bain Capital?
Take a look at Bain's work after buying toy store KB Toys in which Bain bought the company,leveraged its debt,collected the money and then closed the chain.
Wikipedoa notes -"KB Toys was purchased and taken private in 2000 by the leveraged buyout firm of Bain Capital for $305 million, Bain announced the purchase on Dec. 8, 2000. Only $18 million of the purchase money was cash, the rest was borrowed against the assets of the company. Sixteen months after the buyout, Bain Capital paid itself $85 million in dividends (a 372% return on their investment) in 2002. Two years later, due to increasing competition from national discount chains such as Wal-Mart and Target and its enormous debt, on January 14, 2004, K·B Toys filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and closed 365 stores."
KB was the only toy store locally before Toys R US came to Hagerstown and was a regular stop for kids in the Valley Mall,but the chain was struggling with its mall locations that in fairness were having problems with the small size of its stores and therefore lack of inventory.
Keep that in mind when Mitt Romney brags about the jobs he has created,not that we are endorsing the President either in this area...

Now that the Pirates-Indians series is finished,which I habitually refuse to watch (I equate it to picking which child you prefer),I can get back to the Pirates.
I realize that coverage has decreased this season due to the Devils long playoff run,but now I'll kick things in a bit.
The Pirates lost Charlie Morton for the season and maybe next year as well with the dreaded Tommy John surgery.
The righthander was 2-6 this season with an ERA in the high fours and claimed to have pitched through elbow pain for a month.
Morton's injury weakens the Pirates hopes of shipping a starter away in hopes of obtaining a badly needed bat for the offensively challenged club....

In a surprise to me,the New Jersey Devils have decided to keep their first round pick and not pay the "Kovalchuk" penalty this season.
I do not claim to be a draft guru,but the crop next year is projected to be weaker than this years class and Lou Lamoriello may look at things that the 29th pick this year may be better than say the 20th next season..

The Devils did add a player in 23 year old Finnish winger Harri Pesonen,who was part of the star line for the champions of Finland's top league.
According to In Lou We Trust,Pesonen led the league champions in scoring and signed a two way deal with New Jersey.

Back later today with a post on my (and the family) trip to Bowie for the Portland Sea Dogs along with the real reason for the trip-Bret "the Hitman" Hart...

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Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

You can count the number of things that Romney achieved as governor of Massachusetts on the hand of a bad shop teacher. Ironically, state-mandated health care is one of them. Whether you love it or hate it, the fact remains: Romney's 2006 Health Care Insurance Reform was the model for the 2010 Affordable Care Act.