Sunday, June 10, 2012

Two down,Two to go?

The New Jersey Devils continued the hopes of the Devils army for a miracle of all miracles as they defeated the Los Angeles Kings 2-1 in game five of the Stanley Cup finals.

Zach Parise scored a power play goal in the first period for the early lead and Bryce Salvador's goal in the second period put the Devils goals on the scoreboard to lead them to victory.
The Kings still lead the series three games to two,as the teams travel west into game six on Monday night.

Hell Raisers

1) The Devils continued to change the tempo of the game.
They kept the puck in the Kings zone and kept the breakaway chances to a minimum.

2) Martin Brodeur was great.
Brodeur has played very well in this series and has shown that he has plenty left in the tank.
Marty's save on Mike Richards with seconds to go in the game was a huge stop and kept the win in the column...

3) Bryce Salvador's shot that caromed off Slava Voynov was not only the game winner,but the second shot in the series that a shot off Voynov's back has gotten by Jonathan Quick...

4) Jonathan Quick may be many things,but a puck handler is not one of them and his attempt to play the puck ended up with Zach Parise's goal.
What was going through Quick's mind???

5) Not that the Devils offense did a lot on this night.
One goal off a King back and another when the goalie hands you the puck while he does not guard the net means that you got some breaks,not that the offense played well.

6) Very nice game by Henrik Tallinder.
I still say that the fresh wheels theory applies here,but Tallinder was very sharp in this one...

7) Is the pressure more on the Kings now?
Yes and No.
Yes,they have to be thinking that game six is their chance to slam the door at home..
No,because they can afford a loss,the Devils cannot.
I can see it both ways,but I will say this-if the Devils win game six,it will be the Kings carrying the weight....

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