Saturday, June 23, 2012

Devils select Stefan Matteau

The New Jersey Devils selected a name that haunted Devils fans for years in the first round of the NHL Draft as the team picked left winger Stefan Matteau from the U.S. Developmental team.
Matteau is the son of former Rangers winger Stephane Matteau,who ended the Devils season in 1994 with the overtime goal in game seven of the Eastern Conference finals.

The 6'1 winger will be playing in the Quebec Junior League this season for a team that features his father as an assistant.
The Hockey News ranked Matteau as the 30th player in the draft and scouts had this to say about the winger-"He has all the tools to be a "power forward"and as a "energetic and edgy" player.

I don't claim to be an expert of the non-pro prospect scene,so I have little to go on,but the description makes me think of a bigger David Clarkson type.

I skipped the Pirates last night to watch the draft with Rachel,but I did see the blasting of the Twins on Thursday night.
The Buccos added another interleague win with a Friday victory over Detroit....

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