Sunday, June 17, 2012

Great Fathers Day!

Now that my online issues seem to have been solved,I'll attempt to get things back to normal.

Thanks to everyone for the best Fathers Day that I can remember!
Thanks especially to my family and to random luck for meeting an old friend.

I hit the Maugansville Card Show to look for some of the new Topps Debut to get signed (Look for an On the Signing Front soon) and of course to add a few to the 1971 set.

After dumping 14 bucks on debuts,I decided to add just two high numbers to the set and purchased Pete Ward of the Yankees and Jim Qualls of the Reds.
Qualls has one claim to fame,which is a ninth inning single as a Cub that broke up a Tom Seaver perfect game.
So I took the lovely Cherie to the grocery store to pick up some shrimp.
She and Rachel offered to take me out for dinner,but I offered an alternative to that,so I could spend the day at home watching the U.S Open and avoid people!
As we finished paying,she realized that she had forgotten to buy a lemon,so I told her that I'd make her a deal-I'd wait for her to go through the line for the lemon,if she would wait for a minute for me to return to the show and buy two more 71's that I had wish I had bought-Ike Brown of the the Tigers and Bill Hands of the Cubs.
Fair enough,so as she came out,I told her that I had changed my mind,I'd just get them next month.
Fate had other ideas.

First,I left the parking lot going a different way than usual.
That put me in a situation of having to go towards Maugansville or having to go out of the way to turn around.
So I went that way and got into the turn lane to travel onto I-81,then I remembered-there is no show next month as the Maugansville show skips every July.
I swerved into the straight lane and figured I'd grab them quickly.
As I waited to pay for Hands,this voice said "oh,my god",It was a long lost friend Brad Berger and what a welcome sight he was.
I spent about 20 minutes or so catching up and I am so glad that I did!
Sometimes,things happen for a reason.
I suppose that this was one of those,.
Welcome back Brad!

I was able to spend time with my family here and Ryan came over for a pair of hours,so I was able to see him as well.
Thanks to all three of the most important people in my life for the gifts and terrific day and I appreciate that they care enough about me to do so much..
I love you all!

Back with some inbox stuff and some opinions on things as well!!!

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