Friday, June 15, 2012

Saying Goodbyes...

I am able to be online for a bit until Verizon arrives and will hopefully get things cleaned up and back to normal sometime today.

Time to say a few goodbyes that have filled up since the last cleaning of the inbox.

We start with a gentleman that honestly I figured had already passed in Frank Cady.
Cady played the role of "Sam Drucker" on Green Acres and Petticoat Junction as the owner of the only general store in "Hooterville".
Cady must have been one of those rare people that got quickly to looking like a certain age and then leveled off and never changed thereafter,I suppose.
Cady was 96.
I always loved to watch Green Acres,what a funny show.....

Another TV icon of the that era was lost as Richard Dawson at the age of 79 passed on from Esophageal cancer.
Dawson was known for his supporting role on Hogan's Heroes,his being the go-to regular on the game show classic in the Match Game and his hosting of the original Family Feud in which his claim to fame was the kissing of all the female contestants on the mouth (the better looking ones usually got quite a kiss).
Dawson changed the face of the Match Game because in the money round,contestants always chose Dawson as he was so skilled at the game.
As a result,the game began to spin a wheel to match up in the money round because Dawson was so adept and no other stars were ever selected when Dawson was available.
Dawson also was a co-star in the Arnold Schwarzenegger film The Running Man as a smarmy game show host and almost stole the film from Arnie in their scenes together....

Henry Hill may not have been a good man,but his story did make a terrific movie in Goodfellas.
Hill,a mobster that informed on the Mafia, was in and out of witness protection after the court case was over and led a troubled life.
Hill was 69...

When I was a kid,the most feared heavyweight in the world was not Muhammad Ali.
It was not even the feared punchers of the day-Joe Frazier or George Foreman.
It was the three time Olympic heavyweight gold medalist Teofilo Stevenson of Cuba,who never threw a professional punch.
Stevenson won golds in Munich (1972),Montreal (1976) and Moscow (1980) and deflated American heavyweight hopes along the way.
Stevenson destroyed the American's future white hope in Duane Bobick to the point that Bobick was unable to take a good shot as a pro.
After dispatching Bobick in Munich,Stevenson would stop future WBA heavyweight champion John Tate in Montreal and would defeat future champions Michael Dokes and Greg Page in non-Olympic bouts as well as 1984 gold medalist Tyrell Biggs.
Stevenson was undefeated in his bouts from 1972-82 and might have won two more Olympic golds as Cuba boycotted the 1984 (Los Angeles) and the 1988 (Seoul) games before Stevenson retired in the fall of 1988.
Stevenson was 60 years old...

Time to say goodbyes to two pitchers from my past.

Dave Boswell passed away at the age of 67.
Boswell won 20 games for the 1969 AL West Champion Twins and would only win five games after that season.
Boswell also is remembered for missing starts in his 20 win season for being beaten up by his own manager in a bar as the notoriously pugnacious Billy Martin did the honors.

Pedro Borbon was a reliever that was used in several roles out of the Cincinnati Reds bullpen in the 1970's.
Sparky Anderson used Borbon as both a long and short reliever and with Anderson's reputation as "Captain Hook" and frequent use of the bullpen,Borbon put tons of miles on his arm.
From 1972-1979,Borbon never appeared in less than 60 games for the Reds and was known as quite a character off the field as well.

I hope to be back later tonight from the road office with more!

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