Friday, April 29, 2016

Browns tab Emmanuel Ogbah in round two

The Cleveland Browns decided to pass on various offers for their pick to start off day two in the NFL Draft and added a disruptive pass rusher in Oklahoma State's Emmanuel Ogbah.

The Big 12 defensive player of the year (funny,I didn't know that they played defense there) finished with 12 and a half sacks last season and shows the type of speed that few defensive end have.
Ogbah is a player that you would hope would bring some pass rush to Cleveland,but the Browns have attempted to draft pass rushers for years with little success.
Another flag raised is that Ogbah appears to be a prototype 4-3 end that the Browns appear to be attempting to turn into a standup 3-4 outside linebacker.
This is not a move that's impossible to make,but some players are just not suited for the role and I'm more likely to approve a player that has made that move in college,not a transition for the pros.

However,you have a player with tremendous tools with high college production and no off the field issues,so Emmanuel Ogbah looks like a very solid pick to me.
Ogbah was one of several players that would have made sense for the Browns,so I'm fine with it,just a little concerned about the plans to shove a player into a system that might not best suit his skills.
Here is hoping that Ray Horton uses Ogbah to his best and not use him to cover tight ends! Ha Ha!

Back later with the third round choices...

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