Monday, April 25, 2016

Cavaliers polish off Pistons!

Kyrie Irving led the Cleveland Cavaliers with 31 points,but seemed to score some of them exactly when Cleveland needed them the most as Cleveland held off a determined Detroit Pistons team 100-98 in Auburn Hills.
LeBron James added 22 points and 11 rebounds in the victory that ended the first round series four games to zero.
The Cavaliers will have some time off before their next series and that time could be substantial as two of the other three series are tied at two games apiece with the other one being at two games to one and playing their game four tonight...


1) Kyrie Irving was clearly the star of this game and not as noted,just for the 31 points scored-but for when he scored them.
Irving's roughly half court shot at the end of the third quarter visibly sagged the Pistons and even coach Stan Van Gundy..

2) The most impressive part of that shot was that it was a shot.
Most times when shots are made from such crazy distances it is more of a heave and throw with luck involved.
Irving took a straight jumper,which takes lots of strength in the arms and wrist.

3) Kevin Love struggled with his offensive game (3 of 11 shooting),but grabbed 13 rebounds.
Love often times last year would fade away when his offense wasn't great,but this year's Love is able to make a difference in other ways.
Love's rebounding numbers were always large,but this season,it seems that he grabs the big rebound as well..

4) Detroit played a tough series and didn't back down.The Pistons might be one more player away from being a serious contender.
Now,do they have the means to obtain such a player? That's a different story..

5) Cleveland would play the Atlanta-Boston winner in the next round unless Charlotte (down 2-1) or Indiana (tied at two) pulls out their series.
If Indiana wins their series,the rest of the results are irrelevant and they would play the Cavaliers.

6) The importance of a sweep comes later in the playoffs when the legs get tired.
Every game that you can get by without playing it takes away the wear on the body and as the Cavaliers saw last season,avoids the risk of injury.
End series as quickly as possible sounds simple and it is,but it is important.....

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