Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Much to do.

Much to do today in the TRS empire!

I have to do the routine Tuesday things (lunch with the lovely Cherie Yay!,shopping meh),but also have to squeeze in voting in the primary, a trip to Harrisburg for the Hartford Yard Goats and prep work for what I hope will be a productive podcast.

I'm planning our biggest event ever for the NFL Draft-Two previews with one on the Browns and the AFC North and the other with a hoped for guest to discuss the players available.
This has the potential to be awesome or a bust,depending on how things actually go,but I am quite excited!

This week is crazy with the return to work on Wednesday,the draft,the Salem Red Sox in Frederick and Rome Braves at the Muni-both team loaded with prospects and the day to day issues that we all deal with.
It is a good kind of crazy though!

Hoping that the prep work gives the football fans that listen to the show a worthwhile listen and I'll be posting here tomorrow...

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