Saturday, April 23, 2016

Cavaliers pop Pistons,lead series 3-0

The Cleveland Cavaliers received twenty point plus performances from each of their big three and defeated the Detroit Pistons on their home court 101-91 and grab a three games to none lead in their first round series.
The 66 combined points was more than enough to push Cleveland to their third win in as many games and the Cavaliers will go for the sweep and a chance to rest up before the next round on Sunday night...


1) This won't be as detailed as usual.
I had a long day after work with a trip to a doctors 90 minutes away with my parents/
The resulting sleep day saw me miss the first half....

2) The big play that everyone is talking about is the long range,off balance shot with under a second on the shot clock three by Kyrie Irving that really shoved the knife in the Pistons heart.
That shot might have ended this series...

3) Was thinking again about the talented Andre Drummond of the Pistons and his horrible free throw shooting.
I know there is some amount of questions on the future legality of the "hack a horrible free throw shooter tactic",but for the Pistons,they have to wonder about building around a player that is not likely to be on the floor in crunch time because of that flaw.

4) I think Detroit has played the Cavaliers as tough as an 8 seed could play a 1,but they are about to be closed out.
You like to see sweeps in the early rounds-it saves the legs for when they are needed...

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