Thursday, April 7, 2016

Cleaning Out the Inbox

Time to clean out the inbox with a few notes of interest...

We will have more soon on the podcast or here on this,but this obit on the late Merle Haggard,who died yesterday at the age of 79 by Malcolm Jones is about as good of a tribute as you can get....
As a long time fan of Hag,it's a massive loss.....

Two different takes on the Boston Braves from Boston University and the Providence Journal.
The Journal piece is a little more basic and the BU article is far more detailed.
The BU article also focuses more on the home stadium of the Braves-Braves Field,which is now known as Nickerson Field.
The right field bleachers as seen in the photo are the only part of the seating that still stands to this day.
Nickerson Field was also the home for the one year existence of the USFL's Boston Breakers.
I'm always a huge mark for the stories from the teams no longer with us and you will (and have) see a lot of this type link through the years....

As a long-time and avowed SCTV fan,I had to add this article from the New Yorker on former SCTV stars Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara.
The pair currently star in Schitt's Creek,which is a Canadian television series,which can be seen here on the POP network.
I'd give it a chance,if it was on any other network.
POP is formerly the Tv Guide channel and only shows their programming on half the screen while scrolling the television schedule for the provider of choice as the program air.
That's incredibly annoying to me and maybe I'll find another venue to try the show as I have noted-I've been a fan of the two for years....

I haven't done very many games of daily coverage of the Devils this season,but I will be doing a season in review.
The best place to go for Devils info for years has been Tom Gulitti and the Bergen Record.
Gulitti's work on the Fire and Ice blog has been the first place that I have went for any Devils transactions,news etc and made my life much easier for what I write about the Devils.
Gulitti will be moving to Washington and writing for,so someone else to be named will be taking over the Devils beat for the record next year.
He will be missed.. looks at the final days of Al-Jazeera's American venture.
It's very interesting in the look behind the scenes at the mistakes,issues and problems that led to the demise of the network.
Nicole Mitchell,who long time readers will remember doing an extensive interview with us here,offers some comments for the piece.
I know the stigmas that come with the network,but I actually liked their network.
People that gave it a chance (and that was the hard part) found it very even handed and straightforward with none of the nonsense that passes for news on other networks...

That cleans things up for now.
More to come!

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