Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Happy Late Anniversary to Us!

I missed our 9th anniversary when we took Rachel to Ohio and wanted to do our annual post,where we thank our friends and readers for what we do.

The past year has been a big year for the TRS empire as we added the podcast to what we do.
I've had some great opportunities to talk to some people that I would never been able to without the podcast and I so enjoy doing it and hearing that people enjoy the show.
Without sponsorship,there could be changes on the horizon,but I like doing it so much,that even without sponsorship-I believe it will continue,just in a reduced manner due to the constraints of bandwidth.
I still have some interesting people that have agreed to do the show and I'm looking forward to getting bring those shows to you-no matter how long it takes.
It still to this day freaks me out (in a good way) when someone says how much they liked a show or know something about my life because they read or listened to my work.
The numbers here might not be Sports Illustrated level,-but I appreciate each and every one of you more than you can ever know.
Day to day coverage of most sports has transitioned away,but things haven't changed that much-They still are the Thoughts of RS.

So without further ado-lets start with the thanks!
Of course to the lovely Cherie,who makes everything run and always receives credit for the original idea of the blog.
Nothing I do happens without her input and whenever I have things on my mind (important or not) she is the go-to person for counsel.
My children aren't exactly regular readers or listeners,but I appreciate having both Ryan and Rachel in my life.
I so miss staying up and watching a late baseball game from the left coast with Ryan,talking about sports or things so mundane as what you did that day and I love watching almost every Devils game with Rachel as she's learned the game and fallen in love with the team.
You don't know how many times I've glanced down the couch and realized the memories being made and that like with Ryan,there will be a day where these times are no more...
I love you all more than words can describe.

Thanks to my graphing buddies that make spring and summer worth savoring-Brad Adams,Derreck Chupak,Bill Cover,Doug Hopkins and Kendall Morris.
I don't know what I'd do without hanging out with you guys in the summer,but let's not find out!
I have a feeling you just might be hearing more from some or all these guys on the podcast soon!

I'd also like to thank Steve Brandenburg.
I know some of you might wonder if Steve and I have had a falling out-nothing could be further from the truth.
Steve's friendship is important to me and I couldn't have gotten the podcast off the ground without him.
Thanks,Steve it was appreciated more than you know....

Thanks to my two big sisters-Denise Nicarry and Krista Anderson,both of who have filled a void in my life that has existed since day one in the big sister role.
Denise reads my stuff and even listens to the show (she fast forwards through the boxing stuff,I'm fine with that) and Krista?
Well,Krista has known me longer than anyone I know outside of family and she has such an interesting and varied bunch of friends that she'd be amazed at just how often I pluck them for items to clean the inbox.
Now if I could just get Krista's sister to do my show! Ha Ha!
Thank you both of everything.

A really special thanks to Fred Landucci and Big Don Cain.
These two gentlemen always read,listen,give me input and their kindness goes a long way when the day is bad here or elsewhere.
Fred and Don are easily the people that tell me quickly when a column or a show was great and even when it's mediocre,because it didn't hit home-because I didn't hear from them! Ha Ha!
Thank you both so much for being such terrific friends and supporters of what I do.

Thanks as well to three people that I have physically never met-Ian McArdle,Ramon Malpica and Julie Kendall.
Ian is the Chico Marx to my Groucho on Facebook and our antics there always makes me laugh for a good time.
Ramon is my boxing ear and it was doing Ramon's show that I enjoyed so much that helped me make the decision for my own podcast.
Julie has done the show several times and rare is the day that she doesn't check on me to see how I'm doing.
When Julie makes it big some day in acting,no one deserves it more...
Thanks to all of you.

I'm sure I've missed some of you and I have some great friends that I haven't mentioned,but I decided to keep it to people near me online or somehow related to the blog in some way.
Thanks to all of you,I hope to keep you reading and listening as the road to year ten begins!

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