Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Catching up-Cavs survive!

This is way late,mainly because things have been crazy the last few days with trips to dinner with friends,a LONG day in Baltimore for a hospital visit with my mom and today being my early Father's Day since things will be tough to do on Sunday.

However,I still wanted to get a few things down for posterity since the Cavaliers could lose tomorrow night in game six-so I wanted to write about the possible last stand in Oakland in case that happens..
I am not sure that I'll have time to write on game six either way with my return from the U.S.Open being at an unknown time and leaving early Friday on another trip,but I'll try my best-although I'm sure I'll try harder with a Cavalier win!!


1) Kyrie Irving and LeBron James each popped for 41 points.
It was the first time in NBA history that two teammates had hit for 41 points in the league championship series.

2) The key for James? He made some outside shots early and finished 16 of 30 from the floor.
It's pretty common sensical,but making a few shots from the outside sure makes it so much tougher to defend against the bull rushes to the basket that define the game of LeBron James..

3) Kyrie Irving and his 41 addressed my concern for one night at least.
I've worried throughout the series about Irving falling into the trap of trying to outscore Stephen Curry and the issues that come with that.
On this night,Irving showed that occasionally-that is possible...

4) Kevin Love's two points and three rebounds aren't going to cut on most nights,but on this one-it did.
I might be in the minority at this stage,but despite his play thus far-I think Love is sitting on a good game....

5) The Warriors ability to stop the drives to the hoop without the injured Andrew Bogut might be more limited than previously.
Draymond Green's return to action will help the GSW defense,but is it enough?

6) Was asked before game five,how I saw this series playing out.
Picked Cleveland in game five with Draymond Green missing,Cleveland in Cleveland in game six and then Golden State taking game seven at home.
Hope I'm right on game six and wrong on game seven....

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