Saturday, June 11, 2016

Warriors sink Cavaliers in game four

When crunch time came,the Cleveland Cavaliers were found wanting as the Golden State Warriors dominated much of the second half,as the Warriors outscored Cleveland by 16 points and won a 108-97 decision in Cleveland.
Kyrie Irving finished with 34 points and LeBron James added 25 more,but in the fourth quarter,both would come up wanting.
Cleveland now trails three games to one and must sweep the final three games to win the series...


1) Just painful to write these notes and I'm trying to not be too negative.
However,this was just a game that saw the Cavaliers get outhustled.
Every loose ball and hustle play went to the Warriors,they paid the price to win and on the hustle side of the game,it was Golden State taking command..

2) Kyrie Irving made half his shots and scored his 34,but I thought he was still caught in a scoring duel with Stephen Curry and was playing out of control.
However,for whatever those criticisms were,at least Irving,as misguided as it often was,was aggressive on the floor-that's more than I can say for...

3) LeBron James stat line looks good (25,13 and 9),but stats can say whatever you want them to say.
I thought LeBron was far too passive,wasn't nearly as effective as usual when driving the lane and didn't show a lot of passion until his little spat with Draymond Green.

4) Tristan Thompson played well,but once again,the lousy free throwing shooting (0 for 5) makes him such a liability in close games.
Thompson did play tough down low and he brings so much inside energy to the team,but it's tough to keep a guy in the lineup that is that bad in shooting free throws..

5) The heralded return of Kevin Love brought 11 points in 25 minutes.
In other words,not a large impact...

6) Interesting stat from Sam Amico-in the second half,LeBron James and Kyrie Irving 33 shots from the floor.
The rest of the Cavaliers?Five...

7) I think that this ends the season,I still have slim hope,but in reality,the team with the most wins ever are not likely to lose three in a row and two of those at home.
I'll have a post in the off season on potential changes,but for tonight-this one hurts.

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