Monday, June 27, 2016

Devils acquire Beau Bennett

I forgot to add a quick look at the one veteran player that the New Jersey Devils added during the draft and thought that I would drop a few sentences now.

I won't be adding anything on the Devils second day of picks because as noted before,I don't claim to be an expert of the amateur hockey scene,but I find the trade of one of the Devils third rounders to the Pittsburgh Penguins for right winger Beau Bennett to be of interest.

Bennett,who turns 25 in November, scored six goals in 33 games in Pittsburgh and was a former first round pick by the Penguins in 2010
When you consider that draft was run by none other than Ray Shero,you can see why Bennett is being given a second chance in New Jersey.
Bennett is reported to have excellent hands and a quick release on his shot and when combined with pretty good size (6'2 195),you'd think that he'd be a keeper in Pittsburgh.

Well,Pittsburgh is having cap issues and the Devils like last season with Kyle Palmieri were able to take advantage of someone's issues to take a chance at a discounted rate,but there is one problem with Beau Bennett.
He simply cannot stay healthy and in the lineup to the point of never playing more than 44 games in a season.
Which is why a talented and young player such as Bennett is available for the cost of a third round pick.
New Jersey held three picks in the round and when you have multiple picks,a deal like this can arise ,be worth the gamble and not hurt you,if it doesn't pay off.
Ray Shero knows the organization better than anyone,so I'm OK with the risk and hope it pays off in anywhere near the way the Kyle Palmieri trade did for the Devils...

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