Monday, June 6, 2016

Destroyed-Cavaliers lose game two

Face it-sports has a way of humbling you.
It sure humbled me as I thought the Cleveland Cavaliers were sitting on a win in game two of the NBA Finals and instead came up with one of the most pathetic performances that you could find as the Golden State Warriors crushed the Cavaliers 110-77 to take a two games to none lead.
LeBron James led Cleveland with 19 points with Richard Jefferson adding 12 off the bench to "Lead" Cleveland.
Game three is in Cleveland Wednesday night and the season might be on the line as no team maybe in the history of the game is beating the Golden State Warriors four games in a row....


1) I am so mad right now.
Not because the Cavaliers lost and not because I was wrong,but because the effort was so bad..
I hate to use the word quit very often in sports because it's an easy word to use and a hard word to prove.
However,that's how I see it.
Roll over,Beethoven and....Never mind...

2) In no way,shape or form am I blaming the referees for this loss.
However,the Warriors were getting away with a lot of physical play that just wasn't getting called.
I would guess that changes in Cleveland.

3) Five of twenty three from three point range?
That isn't going to win in November against Brooklyn,let alone Golden State in June.

4) Kevin Love elbowed in the back of the head like Dusty Rhodes used to hit Ric Flair with and no call?
Love might not be available for game three,but he wasn't playing that well before the injury with a two for seven for the floor for 5 points.

5) Kyrie Irving finished with just ten points,clanking jumpers and recklessly pumping up shots.
I stand by with nights like this-Irving is a shooting guard playing point guard.

6) Richard Jefferson played well off the bench and showed some energy to deserve more PT in game three,but where was Channing Frye?
Frye played just four minutes.

7) Sam Amico in the Amico Report is starting to question this version of the big three remaining together at this rate.
Would you trade 10 years of Kyrie Irving for 4 of Chris Paul,if it meant a title?
Think about it...

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