Thursday, June 23, 2016

Finally! Cavaliers bring it home!

I know,you know all about the Cleveland Cavaliers finally bringing that elusive title back to the long suffering residents (and former residents) of Northeast Ohio and trust me I wish that I could have done game wrapups.

However,with leaving for my trip (more on that soon) early Friday morning,game six coverage wasn't feasible and I was too much of an emotional wreck (plus tired from the trip) for game seven commentary either.

So,instead of talking about things about the games (although you should look for an upcoming post on how I watched game seven and how it affected me),I wanted to write about the parade and just how the city,state and fan base reacted to such a stunning win...
Think about 1.3 million people showing up for a parade,when the city itself (the numbers go up when you add in the surrounding area) has a little under 400,000.
Think about how many people in the Cleveland/Akron/Canton metropolitan area (3.5 million) and then figure over 1 in 3 people in that area was in the city for to celebrate this championship.
Considering all of that,can you now feel the joy of the fans of Cleveland sports?

The number was just phenomenal and watching on television showed the massive turnout to the point of things finishing hours later than expected.
It was interesting to watch the people interviewed during the event and you could sense the happiness and yet the fans reacted with almost relief when they were spoken to.
Relief that the "curse" had been ended and relief that perhaps the Cleveland jokes might finally be gone.

In the end,it was almost fitting that the end of the drought came the way that it did.
Even I was asked when the Cavaliers were down 3 games to 1,how I saw it playing out.
My response was Cleveland wins game five in Oakland with the Warriors playing without Draymond Green,takes game six at home and then loses a heartbreaker in Oakland in game seven,
Against all odds and against any logic-LeBron James and Kyrie Irving put together three sensational games in a row against the best team in NBA regular season play that was enough to do if not the impossible,at least the highly unlikely.

I'm sorry that this reads a little disjointed,but it is still all surreal to me...
I'm still in catchup mode-more to come..

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