Thursday, June 23, 2016

Cleaning out the inbox-Sports Version

Time to clean out the sports inbox with a few articles that caught my eye.

Bleacher Report catches up with former first rounder Adam Morrison in an article titled Life as an NBA draft bust.
The article is quite extensive as the Gonzaga star tells where he is today and some of his NBA career.
I thought it was quite good and a nice look behind the scenes of a player that didn't quite pan out.

Former Cleveland native Joe Posnanski is one of my favorite sportswriters and his article for NBC Sports on what it meant for him for the Cavaliers to have finally won a title for Cleveland.
The article features quite a few names from Cleveland past and made me think back to my past quite a few times....

The New Yorker spends a day with Jim Bouton watching the Old Timers game at Yankee Stadium on television.
Bouton,who gets plenty of notice here for the book that he penned as one of our favorites in Ball Four,has suffered a stroke in recent years.but still gets around well and converses with some ease.
Bouton discusses some of his teammates from his Yankee days and of course,tells some stories...

Boise Weekly interviews the interviewer as they wrote as they chat with Boise resident and my favorite sideline reporter Heather Cox.
Cox,who is rumored to be headed to NBC from ESPN, discusses life in Boise and talks about some of the people she interviews during games with an interesting point on San Antonio head coach Gregg Popovich.

Two drafts in the next two days-the Cavaliers do not have any picks in tonight's NBA draft,while the Devils pick eleventh in Friday's NHL draft.
If the Cavaliers make any deals,we'll cover here as well as the Devils pick on Friday....

Still more to come from the non-sports inbox,my road trip with Ryan,podcasts and more!!!

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