Saturday, February 25, 2017

Browns add compensation picks

When you are a Cleveland Browns fan,draft news and to a lesser extent free agency news is about as good as it gets as far as hope,growth and opportunity goes.

In that vein,I'll drop this note on the Browns receiving four compensatory picks in April's draft.
The Browns only get to retain two of those picks,which teams are allocated by the league,which judges the worst losses in free agency and gives those teams something to somewhat handle their loss.
The Browns were awarded a third,two fourths and a fifth rounder at the end of each of those rounds.

Cleveland sends the third to New England for Jamie Collins,which is a pretty good deal since they signed him to a new contract,but even if Collins had not re-signed,if the Browns would have likely been given a 2018 3rd round compensation pick had they lost him,so a very low risk and high reward for the third rounder.

The fourth goes to the Eagles as part of the Carson Wentz trade last season.
The trade was written that the Browns would give up a fourth round compensation pick,but in the event that the Browns were not awarded one in that round,the Browns would have to send their own fifth round pick to Philadelphia.

The picks that the Browns have kept are a fourth rounder at pick 142 (three picks after the one sent to the Eagles) and a fifth rounder at pick 183.

Cleveland will enter the 2017 draft with eleven picks,three less than in last years draft.
Cleveland has 2 1st rounders (Theirs and Philadelphia),2 2nd rounders (Theirs and Tennessee), 1 3rd rounder, 2 4th rounders (Theirs and Comp),3 5th rounders (Theirs,New England and Comp) and 1 6th rounder.

Look for lots of coverage of the NFL Draft here and on the podcast over the next two months leading up to the draft....

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