Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Five Dumb Sports Events that I'd rather see than Mayweather-McGregor

My friend and podcast co-host Ramon Malpica and I have made the decision that we are going to ignore this proposed Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor "bout" on it's merit.
I suppose if someone wanted to call in and talk about it,then we would discuss it,but it's not going to be something we dwell on.

Seeing people ask about such silliness makes me think about the most circus-like event in boxing since the Ali-Inoki stuff in 1976 and I decided to create five events of sports crossing over that have nothing to do with the other.
I wouldn't pay to see any of these or Mayweather-McGregor,so here are five ridiculous made up events for your reading pleasure in no particular order.

1) Our first event features the best basketball player in the world in LeBron James facing off against Mr.105 fireballing lefty Aroldis Chapman.
I chose Chapman because he occasionally deals with wildness to add to our carnival tent.
Can the 6'8 James come anywhere close to fouling off  a pitch?
Could Chapman hit a large target with a flaming fastball?
The latter might be the only interesting thing about this...

2) Super Bowl MVP and 39 year old Tom Brady battles the electrifying phenom Andrew Wiggins in a game of one on one!
Wiggins is younger (soon to be 22),taller (6'8 to 6'4) and more athletic,so he should render Brady unable to get by him to the basket and not likely to shoot over the taller man,so the only question is does Wiggins "Skunk" Brady by a score of 21-0?
Sense the excitement!

3) Baseball phenom Bryce Harper had his struggles at the plate in the second half of last season,so let's have Harper lace up the skates and hit the ice in various skills competitions!
Harper has to get by various hard hitting defensemen,try to win in a shootout against goalies that are the best in the game and maybe go at in a 3 on 3 situation..
Being that the Las Vegas native may have never been on skates before,this looms as just awful...

4) Let's have an exhibition game with any team and feature Eclipse Award winning jockey Javier Castellano playing the skill positions on offense in an NFL game!
The 4'11 (and barely 100 pounds) Castellano should be a blast to watch as he goes over the middle to catch passes against the roughest linebackers and safeties in football!
Imagine the excitement in watching the diminutive jockey run between the tackles or the power sweep!

5) We feature Olympic champion wrestler Kyle Snyder in an Olympic style decathlon with the ten events that comprise the competition to decide "the world's best athlete".
That would be hard enough for the heavyweight bruiser,but we'll make it tougher as Snyder faces the best in the world at each sport!
Snyder runs sprints against Usain Bolt,the marathon against Eliud Kipchoge,the high jump against Derek Drouin and the beat goes on.
Can Snyder even stay in the same stadium in any event?
Whew,the thrills!

Bonus: Since we are talking about freak show events,in an "Exhibition" bout with Mayweather-McGregor in the ring,5'11 and 160 pound seven time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson decides to prove his toughness at the age of 41 vs world middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin!
The physical size might be equal,but nothing else is.
Does Golovkin decide to smoke Johnson early or pound him all night?
The only intriguing part of this is the question;Does Johnson crumble from the first solid shot or does it take a few???

Hope you enjoyed some laughs and that's how serious boxing and MMA fans look at the proposed Mayweather-McGregor bout.
Save your dollars....

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