Thursday, February 2, 2017

Cleaning out the inbox

We start the inbox with another goodbye as former N.C.State center Charles Shackleford was found dead in his home in Kinston NC at the age of 50.
Shackleford was a well traveled center in the NBA,playing for several teams,but was better known for his days as the center for the Wolfpack in the mid 1980's.
Shackleford was an imposing rebounder and big body,but was never able to develop the type of scoring skills away from the basket to be anything more than a role player at the next level.
It was the off court antics of Shackleford and another talented yet disappointing big man Chris Washburn that drew attention to N.C. State basketball under Jim Valvano and the eventual dismissal of Valvano with the dreaded tag "Lack of Institutional Control" to the basketball program...

Recently,we observed the 50th anniversary of the Apollo One fire and two interesting notes found their way into the inbox.
Motherboard offers a look titled "Heat and Ashes" in which one of the men that tried to pry the hatch to the capsule off (Henry Rogers) is part of the story by his grandchild-the author of the piece,Kaleigh Rogers.

The other note is that NASA has finally put a piece of the capsule out for public display.
Not the entire capsule,which remains in storage in Virginia,but the hatch that couldn't be released in the fire has been placed for the public to see at their Cape Canaveral museum.
It had often been mentioned with NASA displaying pieces from the two Space Shuttle tragedies that the Apollo One mission had never been represented.
The hatch is something to share with the public and allow them to pay tribute to...

Mark Arbour writes on the SABR Baseball Card blog about a mid-1980's trip for work in the defense industry than saw him use his per diem (in travelers checks,remember those?) on baseball and two baseball cards bought in a shop near his hotel.
Going chintzy on food and expenses in order to buy something for the collection sounds exactly like something I would do (and have done!)!!!!

I've written before about my LPGA fandom and my favorite player in Jessica Korda,but this season brings an added twist to the tour with the arrival of Jessica's younger sister Nelly.
The 18 year Korda was one of the top 10 players on the Symmetra tour (the LPGA's farm system) and automatically moved up to the main circuit.
The article talks about the sisters and shows a video of a shootout between the pair on the course....

Rachel has begun to bowl occasionally lately and she was surprised to hear that the game of her choice,Duckpin Bowling is a regional game,not a national one.
As I looked this up for more information,this blog turned up with a post on not only Duckpin Bowling,but something called Candlepin Bowling as well.
I've never heard of this game,but apparently it too is a regional thing,mostly in the New England states.
The interesting part for me was that I always grew up with Duckpin Bowling with three lanes offering it just in this town,but there are now just 41 alleys left that offer this game compared to over 400 in 1963.
Bowling itself might be scuffling along,but duckpin appears to be a dying game....

That completes the inbox,I'm hoping to finally get the Mary Tyler Moore piece finished for the next post!!

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