Monday, February 13, 2017

Cleaning out the inbox

We start with the remarkable decision by Chili's to rescind their long time suspension of Pam Beesly Halpert from their restaurants.
The then Ms.Beesly  was given a lifetime suspension from Chili's for behavior 12 years ago during the Dundies award dinner in Scranton,PA.

Seriously,full credit to Jenna Fischer,who played Pam on the classic "The Office" for tweeting the picture to the left with the tweet reading "Should I go in?"
And to Chili's for playing along,we don't see enough of this type of harmless fun and playing to fans that love dearly a show that is off the air....

It's funny as Hagerstown just opened a Chili's and the lovely Cherie and I ate there shortly after opening.
That led to me (a passionate Office fan) asking Cherie,"should we spend our money at a place that won't serve Pam Beesly?".
Now I will never have to ponder those questions further!!

Former NFL running back and announcer of various sports,Mike Adamle is having issues with dementia and early signs of CTE.
Adamle's issues likely come from his days on the gridiron and the article looks at what Adamle can and cannot do on a day to day basis.
Adamle is best known for being the host of American Gladiators along with his work in sportscasting.

The New York Times reflects on the protest at the Oscars in 1973 when Marlon Brando refused his best actor Oscar for the Godfather and instead sent Native American Sacheen Littlefeather in his place to protest the Wounded Knee incident and  the treatment of Native Americans in the film industry.
The interesting parts to me were when Littlefeather describes that she was given just 60 seconds on stage before she would be escorted off stage-possibly by John Wayne,who reportedly was being "Held Back" behind the curtain!
The other note of interest was that Littlefeather was an actress and after the protest,claimed that she never saw a film role again!
That's not quite true,as her Wikipedia entry shows,but it sure cast a knockout blow!

Bad,but understandable news for Giants fans as one half of the best broadcast team in baseball will miss some games this season.
Mike Krukow suffers from Inclusion Body Myositis,which weakens the muscles in the arms and legs and with Krukow,makes it very difficult to get around without help.
Krukow will now not travel with the Giants for non-division games,which will mean that he will be doing 120 games,which is still pretty good.
The replacements for the non-divisional road games with Duane Kuiper (TV) and Dave Flemming/Jon Miller on radio will be former Giants relievers Jeremy Affeldt,who retired after the 2015 season and recently retired Giants LOOGY Javier Lopez,who left the team last week.
Affeldt had been rumored to be headed for a role in the broadcasts since late last year when he sat in on a few games in the booth.
Lopez has a great voice and although it takes more than that to be a good announcer,it is a good start to being a success rather than having a shrill sound that is hard to listen to....

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