Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Getting Ready for the Summer!

A very slow news day,but I decided to take the time to catch up on the always looming baseball season and the plans for the 2017 season.

I'll start with the tentative trip schedule that will likely add some day trips as well.
When you work the hours that I do in the winter-April cannot come fast enough....

April:Charleston WV ,West Virginia Power
Two days.-Derreck Chupak,Doug Hopkins,Fred Landucci and Michael Landucci.

May: Unknown-30th Anniversary trip with the Lovely Cherie.To be Determined

June: Buies Creek NC, Buies Creek Astros
         ,Durham NC,Durham Bulls,
          Zebulon NC,Carolina Mudcats
          Kinston NC,Down East Wood Ducks-Derreck Chupak,Doug Hopkins.

July;Cleveland Ohio,Cleveland Indians,Derreck Chupak,Brandon Diehl
         Augusta GA,Augusta Greenjackets-This is a big one as 2017 is the last year in their current park
         Kannapolis NC-Kannapolis Intimidators
         Winston-Salem NC-Winston-Salem Dash
         Danville VA-Danville Braves-Doug Hopkins

August:Nashville TN_Nashville Sounds
          Burlington NC-Burlington Royals
          Charlotte NC-Charlotte Knights
          Bristol VA-Bristol Pirates-Fred Landucci

         Rochester NY-Rochester Red Wings
         Buffalo NY-Buffalo Bison
         Auburn NY- Auburn Doubledays-Derreck Chupak,Doug Hopkins

That comprises the definite stops,there (as noted) may be a day trip or two added,if the schedule falls right.
This would be 14 new ballparks on my list and would move two parks off the "been to the park,but not for a game list" in Danville and Bristol Virginia.
The TRS radius which is the closest park to the north,south and west that I have not been to-assuming we hit all of these and nothing crazy comes up would be as follows.
South-Norfolk VA-Norfolk Tides
North-Full Season- Hartford CT-Hartford Yard Goats
           Short Season-Wappinger Falls NY-Hudson Valley Renegades
West- Full Season-Dayton Ohio-Dayton Dragons
           Short Season-Kingsport Tennessee-Kingsport Mets

Besides those to "stretch the radius" and the 14 parks that get added to the list,I have a few others targeted for either a day trip or more likely 2018/2019
Indianapolis (AAA) would move a nice park off the "been to" list,that is pretty easy to get to.
Lexington (Low A) Would complete the state of Kentucky
Pawtucket (AAA) McCoy Stadium is rumored to be on the endangered list
Greeneville TN (Rookie),This years trip and Kingsport would leave only Greenville to complete the Appy League.
Norwich CT (Short Season),if you go to Hartford,why not hit the other pro team in the state on the same trip?

Just an update for those of you that can't wait for the season like me!!!

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