Friday, February 10, 2017

Cavaliers sign Derrick Williams

Normally,I don't spend a lot of time on the Cleveland Cavaliers signing players to ten day contracts,but this one was pretty interesting to me as the Cavaliers signed forward Derrick Williams to one of those before last night's game against the Oklahoma City Thunder.
I missed the game (Long story) despite it being televised,but Williams seemed to have played well.
Williams hit all three of his shots from the floor and finished with 12 points in 22 minutes of play.

The 6'8 Williams was the second overall pick in the 2011 draft by Minnesota and coming out of Arizona,I was so high on Williams that I slightly preferred him at the number one pick over Kyrie Irving,although much of that was due to the injury issues concerning Irving at Duke.
Williams has played for five teams before Cleveland since that draft and only once averaged in double digits in points,but a deeper look at his numbers shows that he has never averaged more than 24 minutes a game and Williams is still just 25.
I think of Williams as being similar to another talented vagabond in Michael Beasley-for all of their talent,they might be best suited as a sixth or seventh man on a contender than a player on a bad team being in a featured role.

Williams is not what the Cavaliers have been in need or looking to acquire.
Williams isn't a board banging big man and certainly isn't going to be the backup running the point either,but he brings something interesting to Cleveland that they don't have.
Derrick Williams brings a guy that can do some of things that LeBron James does off the wing (Not comparing him to LeBron by any means),can play either forward and isn't awful defensively.
In other words,if the Cavaliers keep Williams around (and I would make every effort to try to do so),he can come off the bench to spell James and he might even be able to play some for Kevin Love,so it would be interesting to see how he might mesh with LeBron James.

The odds of gaining a key contributor from the waiver wire (technically Williams was a free agent after being released by Miami) are usually long,but this time,Cleveland has a young,talented and motivated player that could be just that.....

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