Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Late addition

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I have tried to be lighter on the Hagerstown Suns entertainment group this season.
I realize that I am not the targeted demographic of their entertainment,so in order to not ruin any enjoyment of what they offer by others,I have attempted to avoid it.
However at a recent game that I attended with "Sue Dinem" of NatsProspects,something was brought to my attention that I have ignored and should not have.
No longer.

The skit done by the H-Town crew that mocks Native Americans may be done in fun and without malice,but it certainly could be taken differently and needs to be eliminated.
One might see that I am being hypocritical being a Cleveland Indian fan,an organization that uses a logo that uses a stereotypical depiction of the Native American.
However,I would say the tradition of the Indians,Washington Redskins and the Boston/Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves gives them a marginal pass with marketing,although I would be reticent to say that further marketing of new variations of products etc would be a good idea.
The Redskins really should be using the yellow "Lombardi" helmet anyway, it is just so cool looking and would save them a large chunk of hassle.
The pic does not do the helmet its true justice.
The Hagerstown Suns have no tradition in this area,their team is not based on or named after a group of particular Native American and frankly the skit is just in poor taste.
I don't think that anything is meant by it and I am sure that it is meant to entertain the fans,but when someone dances with a headdress on (and a discount version at that) and adds a war dance and war whoops as well,I find that offensive.

The Native American seems to be the final group that can be offended with impunity.
Other ethnic groups would never be slandered in such a way and rightfully so.
Here is hoping that this skit and its corresponding song "Apache" can quietly retire to its place in the dust bin where it belongs and a replacement can be found without a word being said.
After all,their are tons of novelty songs that fans can enjoy,the H-Town Crew can dance to that are fun and offensive to no one.
I can ignore Monster Mash just as well as Cottoneyed Joe.

Back with the Pirates loss to the Rangers later today.

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Helmet:The Helmet Project


Ryan Heimberger said...

As I say often, only the Packers should have yellow helmets in the NFL.

PS- I would comment a lot more often if Blogger didn't force me to sign in and type a security phrase EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I could go to Mike's blog right now and I would have to do it all over again.

Shawn said...

I wish that I didnt have to use the security phrase because I know it hinders comments,which I desperately want more of.
But taking it away means more site maintainence because of the spammers.
Believe or not,I have to do some of that even with security...

Mike said...

Great post Shawn!! honestly I think I have seen them do that "dance" maybe 1 time.. and was cringing when I saw it.. As for the security phrase, I have to do the same thing.. Just commented on Ryan's comment on my blog,and STILL have to sign in,and add a phrase..