Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Things that make me laugh

Time for a few things and memories that make me laugh with an emphasis on toys from my childhood.

We start off with one of the worst ideas for a kids toy that I can remember.
Now I never owned this classic,but the jingle has stuck into my head for years.
Can you imagine the company that surrounded the table with the idea of Milky the Marvelous Milking Cow?
Complete with "pretend milk tablets"?!
My brother and I had some weird toys as a kid,but not even us tried this edsel of a toy.
I can see this imaginary conversation now taking place at K-Mart back then
Me and my Brother-Dad,can we get Milky the marvelous milking cow?
Dad-What the hell is that?
Us-Explanation of this terrific must have toy
Dad-What the !@$^ is wrong with you two?

Now this obscure toy was one that I actually have and yet doesn't have a YouTube video,but Suckerman was a toy that lives to this day.
Battered,beaten and missing a few cups-Suckerman still lives here as a bath toy having spent time with both of my children and now lies in reserve for my future grandchildren.
Suckerman basically was a creepy looking reptile/human hybrid with (surprise) suction cups all over his body.
My favorite Suckerman trick was to hang him from the inside of the fridge to "scare" the next person to open it.
Never quite seemed to work as well as the commercial though as I recall one memorable Suckerman attempt as Dad came home from work one day to find Suckerman hanging in front of the Mayo.
SM was gone for a few days until I located him lying in the yard,yards away from the kitchen.
Guess Suckerman could fly as well....

Another winner that didn't "earn" his longterm home like Suckerman was the Krusher.
This indvidual's main claim to fun was that he was filled with foam rubber,so you could crush him and then press a button to keep him crushed.
That was about as fun as ol 'Krush was and he didn't last either as he wound up in two pieces-upper torso,which still might be at my parents and lower torso,which is likely dust in the wind or Krushed at the landfill...

Then there was this champion Frosty "the Sno Man" spelled that way to avoid copyright infringement.
The metal crank never turned,the refill packs damn near impossible to find and generally tasted like crap.
Plus consider the 70's idea of kids putting water based materials through a metal blade and then likely letting it sit over the winter.
Sounds very safe to me!

Back later with more...


Shawn said...

From Cherie:
Ha, ha! I can just imagine Suckerman "flying" through the air out to the back yard. Glad you were able to rescue him!

Shawn said...

Now he needs rescued from the kids old toys!
The things that we do for Suckerman!!!!