Monday, June 7, 2010

Sliders,Pirates and Don Stanhouse

A few thoughts on the Pirates over the last three days that saw a Saturday win over the Giants and losses to the Giants and Cubs on Sunday and Monday.
I am hoping to be back shortly with a quick look at the draft for the Pirates and Indians.

Pirate Hooks

1) What a play by Lastings Milledge to save the win over the Giants on Saturday,but I am still not sure if it was a great play or a desperate one as Milledge looked to be playing awfully shallow on Freddy Sanchez.
I understand that the Pirates figured Sanchez wasn't a huge threat to hit the ball over the outfielders heads,but with a three run lead,I play it safer.

2) Octavio Dotel continues to make me think of former Oriole closer Don Stanhouse,who used to make Earl Weaver so nervous that he would stand in the clubhouse tunnel and smoke cigarettes to calm his nerves.
Stanhouse was not so lovingly referred to by my grandfather, a passionate Oriole fan that only rarely cursed, as "Shithouse".
Stanhouse also brings to mind the TV show "Sliders" and a song on the show called "Tears in my fro".
One look at this pic and I need say no more..

Dotel gives me those same thoughts as even when he closes the game,it still makes me nervous...

3) Got the first look of Dana Eveland today in the loss to the Cubs and didn't see any surprises.
Rarely above the 90's and inconsistent in the strike zone.
Fringy stuff that cannot find the plate usually gives you a mediocre pitcher.

4) Brian Burres was sent to Indianapolis to make room for Eveland and I fail to see much difference between Eveland and Burres.
Plus Burres didn't cost you a semi-promising arm in Ronald Uviedo.

5) Speaking of Burres,I attended the Frederick-Lynchburg game on Sunday and talked Buc ball with Battlin' Bob,who seemed genuinely upset about Burres being sent down.
What is it with the Battler and mediocre lefties-first Phil Dumatrait and now Burres.

6) The Post-Gazette is reporting that Brad Lincoln could get the start against the Nationals on Wednesday.
No word on who goes to make room.

Hope to be back shortly with a quick draft look...


Mike said...

I was more upset with the fact that they sent 1 of the only guys who gave the Pirates a couple decent starts the last few weeks.. I am NO fan of Burress. Just think it's smarter to keep him here till they bring Lincoln up..

Ryan Heimberger said...

"So, you like 'Tears In My 'Fro'?"