Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hey Hagerstown/Washington County-Time to walk the walk!!!!

The Hagerstown Suns want a pledge on badly needed stadium renovations.
Well,I wish that I was able to do this as my full time job,but that is not going to happen,but hopefully the Suns can get what they need from the city of Hagerstown and Washington County,because I take their words very seriously.
The Muni was the joke of national media last season when just about every major media outlet (Television,radio,magazines and trade papers) visited there last season as part of the Bryce Harper extravaganza and it is time for the city and county to put up or shut up.
The Muni is over 80 years old and with a few exceptions looks every bit of it.

I am not saying give the Suns a free ride.Far from it,but at least meet them halfway.
Offer to pay some of the costs,give them some breaks on some of the things that they pay for now,if they toss extra dollars into the kitty.
For a town of the size of Hagerstown,the residents are extremely fortunate to have professional baseball as there are towns that are bigger and ready to pay up to bring the South Atlantic League to their town.
And trust me,once the team leaves-Hagerstown will not be getting a team back.
The Frederick Keys will be able to block ANY team in organized baseball from returning to Hagerstown once there is no longer baseball here and bet your last cent that they will do just that.

The doubling of the hotel/motel tax over ten years ago was supposed to pay for a NEW facility and instead has gone to silliness such as BluesFest.
The time has come for the money to go to where it was intended to go-Municipal Stadium or its replacement.
I have seen stadiums the age of the Muni (Lynchburg VA) turned into nice facilities,a renovation can be done.

I'll be watching and any person that stands in the way of the Hagerstown Suns remaining in town will find themselves with a person that will work tirelessly to make sure that they are out of elected office.

Do the right thing for the people of this community and protect a treasure that will be unable to be replaced.

Contact members of the Hagerstown City Council here and the Washington County Commissioners here.

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Mike said...

I was very shocked to see the comments on some of the city council members.. I think they realize this is not a silly threat.. Let's hope they actually follow through