Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Back at Belgrade Gardens!

Belgrade Gardens "Medium" White Meat!
First of two posts that are related to food on the Xmas shopping day trip and we will start with the Barberton fried chicken that ruined all other fried chicken for me since last year's stop.
Since last years stop at Belgrade Gardens,I might have had three pieces of fried chicken and that could be an exaggeration!
Sometimes in life,you have something that is so good or so enjoyable that makes everything else pale in comparison and that is the case with the chicken at Belgrade Gardens in Barberton Ohio.

Belgrade Gardens was our second stop of the day and Rachel's clear favorite.
We always eat at some super places on these trips and this time we did not have the time to squeeze in some long time favorites such as Skyline Chili and Steak N Shake,although we were able to stop at Quaker Steak N Lube (love their boneless wings) on the trip and Primanti Brothers on the way home outside of Pittsburgh.
I was in the mood for a Corned Beef sandwich and Primanti's corned beef was awesome!
There just was not enough time or empty stomachs to handle all of those places on this short excursion,but I recommend all of the above places as well as another stop that will be a future post.
Rachel being almost held back from her year long wait for Belgrade Gardens!!

However,after last year,I am not sure that I would have been able to make it home without a stop at Belgrade Gardens as Rachel's favorite food is fried chicken.
I wrote last year about how the Gardens prepares their chicken,so check the link above for more,but I wanted to actually SHOW you what Belgrade offers and no,there is no compensation coming to me for the free advertising!

Belgrade's Cole Slaw Mountain!
I order the medium of their offering which is my dinner (the white meat) is one,two or three breasts with two sides.For me,two is plenty,when you consider the size of the sides as seen in my order at the top of fries and the bowl of cole slaw shown here.
 For my money,the slaw is an added bonanza as I still think that it is the best slaw that I have ever had.
Very vinegary and with a touch of pepper,the Belgrade slaw has never been beaten to me thus far.
I like slaw,but I am not a fan of slaw that uses Miracle Whip as one of its bases (I cannot stand Miracle Whip),so I am kind of selective when it comes to Cole slaw.
I give the same type of elite recommendation to the slaw at Belgrade Gardens as I do the chicken and that is one high compliment.

The Center of a Belgrade Gardens Breast!
When the chicken arrived,I wanted to get some pictures as I borrowed the idea from Tom Noe,who does this all the time over at his blog Exploring Food My Way,which is located in our links section.
If you are wondering why the shape of the chicken breast is different than the breasts sold in most areas,remember that in Barberton,the back is removed and sold as "chicken ribs",which gives the breast a unique look.
The chicken is so juicy and firm that it almost seemed a pity to eat.
The crust is so crunchy and tasty that I ate the crust leftovers alone!
Please keep in mind that is coming from a person that generally does not bother with crusts on chicken,pizza or much of anything else as a non-bread person.
Texture can almost be as important as taste many times and that certainly is the case here as both complimented each other perfectly.

The Gardens also sell pies that looked very good,but I did not have the room for anymore after the "medium" meal.I would hate to see how full that I would be ordering the large!
After a great lunch and a few pictures-including this one with the lovely Cherie,we were off to knock some more shopping off,but Belgrade Gardens ranks as a must stop if you are in the Akron./Barberton area...

Photo Credits
All food-Cherie Heimberger
Me and the lovely one-Rachel Heimberger

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Tino said...

Glad to see you were able to enjoy some of the local cuisine during your visit. And nice pictures of the food!

Thanks for the shout out.