Saturday, July 28, 2012

Another inbox dumping!!!

Time to empty some built up mails from the inbox.

Most of you have heard about the Ohio baseball card find in an attic,but as big as this find is,it is not as big as it seems.
The cards are not as rare as others of the time,although the condition of the cards certainly are great for their age and the Honus Wagner card is not THE Honus Wagner card of million dollar fame.
Nonetheless,it is exactly the type of find that all collectors have dreamed of at one time or another....

Grantland strikes again with an oral history of the terrific,yet short lived The National,the nations first and only all-sports newspaper.
The National had many issues but quality was not one of them.
Specialists covered tons of sports with even niche' sports getting a regular weekly space in the paper.
That in the pre-internet era was a rarity and made fans of sports that received little space in a normal sports page have to have the National.
The paper did have some distribution here in town and I read it everyday.
I even have the final issue lying around the house somewhere as a collectors item.
I am not sure if the paper would have made it with the advent of the web,but it sure was a dazzling gem in its time....

More from Grantland with an one on one with Michael Keaton.
I have always liked Keaton's work,especially the hilarious Night Shift,but Keaton is notorious for picking and choosing his projects and as a result does not always have the spotlight.
Check the interview out for Keaton's thoughts on multiple subjects....

A new boxing blog entitled The Living Daylights focuses on 1980's boxing and it is very strong work.

The blog currently features an interview with former Olympic Bronze medalist and three time light heavyweight champion Marvin Johnson.

I highly recommend it..

Ohio amusement park Cedar Point will be tearing down two rides,reportedly to make space for a new roller coaster.
Disaster Transport was the parks only enclosed roller coaster and was built in 1989,while the Space Spiral has been the park's observation tower since 1965.
That is a long time to be part of the park and over that period of time,many have never seen the park without the Spiral!

I know this is usually a note for the Signing Front,but I had to share this from the SportsGraphing message board on Giants prospect Gary Brown.
Please keep in mind that this did not happen to me or did I witness this,so take it as hearsay...
"Gary Brown  - "I signed for you all before"   yep.. that's basically what he told us both After BP and before the game. he was not a **** about it, he just basically stopped and said, "I signed for you guys already". And then one guy asked him again before the game (The guy had NOT seen him in April) and he told him again "I got you all this year already".... "
I suppose that does not bode well for getting his Richmond card signed....

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