Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ten ways to improve minor league baseball?

My friend and maybe our most loyal reader,Big Don,sent me this article from Baseball America and it has languished at the bottom of the inbox ever since.
I had liked the article and promised Don that I would offer my take,so Don-better late than ever!!!!

Check the article out for their ideas,I'll address each briefly....

1) Returning AAA to three leagues as it was in the past.
This I like a lot,even though it makes my graphing work harder as it would take Indianapolis and Columbus out of my graphing radius as far as that goes.
Still,it would make things easier travel wise and it makes sense to me....

2) Minors as a Lab for rules changes
This is an incredibly dumb idea as every idea mentioned makes no sense at all.I'm not against trying the occasional new thing,but these are all silly in my opinion...

3) Dominican baseball as a summer showcase
This is a take or leave idea.It appears to save money and avoid some scandals,so I'd be Ok with this...

4) Freshening the ballpark experience  
I am all for better music,although I can do without the live band mess.
That all too often becomes a loud irritant as the band wants to showcase themselves at the expense of the game.
I do like the ideas for the food and I have always been a huge proponent of more and better giveaways...

5) Tweaking late season transactions
Love this one! All too often,minor league championships are treated as afterthoughts.
The fans in those markets do not look at things that way and they need to be treated with more respect!

6) Down with the losers
Relegating is popular for European soccer,but in baseball with the team so dependent on the parent club's drafting ability,it would be unfair to go down this road.

7) Expand the DH rules
I would go as far to use the pitchers batting in every game that features two National League affiliates playing each other.Take their idea and add even more to it....

8) Minor League Museum
No problems with this

9) Short Season Shakeup
I agree a shakeup is needed,but I'd chop the complex teams out all together.
Since that is not going to happen,my solution is to give each team one complex team and one short season team.
We cut the New York/Penn league to ten teams,keep the Appy league at ten and merge the best markets from the Pioneer and Northwest for a merged ten team league.
I hate doing stuff like that,but it's the only way to make this work.

10) Majors vs Minors
I like this concept with the big league team visiting each affiliate once every four years for an exhibition game.
I like the All-Star games as is though.....

Just my thoughts on an thought provoking topic....  

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