Friday, July 13, 2012

Browns draft Josh Gordon in supplemental draft

The Cleveland Browns finally may have landed the number one receiver that the fans (and me) have been screaming for as the team selected former Baylor wideout Josh Gordon in the supplemental draft.
Cleveland used their second round pick in the 2013 draft on Gordon,so the price was not a slight one,however Gordon was thought to have the physical ability that he could have been a top 15 pick in the next draft with a strong college season.
Gordon's size and speed (6'3 220) has brought comparisons to A.J.Green and Justin Blackmon and the Browns had to use their second round pick or the Redskins would have,as Washington had been lobbied by Robert Griffin to bring Gordon to D.C..
Gordon was considered in 2010 as the superior receiver to first rounder (and Browns fan target) Kendall Wright on the Baylor squad.
So what's not to like?
Well,Gordon missed the 2011 season to start.
After Baylor dismissed Gordon for testing positive for marijuana twice,he transferred to Utah and practiced with the Utes last season,but sat the year out due to the transfer rules,so there is some baggage in the past of Gordon.
But Gordon stayed clean in his season at Utah and Baylor coach Art Briles has been all over the Cleveland media with effusive praise of Gordon since the Browns selected him.
Normally,players that are forced to leave your program do not get the type of positive feedback that Briles was giving to Gordon.

I would have liked to have seen the Browns use their third rounder instead,but that may not have reeled in Gordon,so there is something to be said for landing the player,if you really want him.
The Browns have been noted for spending higher picks than they may have to on players that they like and this might be a case of this happening again.
However,I do not think so as I really think a third round "bid" might have resulted in the Browns losing Gordon.
Gordon and Greg Little just might be the pairing that enables the Browns to open things up a bit and give Brandon Weeden the targets that Colt McCoy did not have to work with.

The Browns have been rapped by many ( me included) for not addressing the wide receiver position  in the last draft and free agency and I have to give them full credit for taking the risk on a player that might be the number one receiver that they have been searching for.
Cleveland suddenly has a a core group of talented skill position players that gives me some hope for the future.
The Browns have added a quarterback,running back,wide receiver and right tackle to the starting lineup for next season and there will be growing pains involved with the group,but I would not be surprised at all,if this turns out to be a dangerous team near the end of the season next year....

Photo Credit:Al Kooistra/Landov

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