Monday, July 30, 2012

Looking back and yet ahead

Part of the process that I am currently going through is gaining the balance of looking back at the past,while not being anchored there.

It is a delicate balance,you see and one that needs to be handled with kid gloves.
The past is what makes us what we are now,although it has nothing to do with what we can be eventually.
Eliminating that from my life can be difficult as the past holds both pleasant and painful memories that have shaped what I have become,yet at the same time needs to be placed aside and moved on from.

How does one do that?
Very carefully because you need to move on the journey,yet forgetting everything constantly means that you could be missing the experience that comes with triumphs and errors.
I cannot say that I have mastered this yet by any stretch,but I am tentatively attempting to think about what needs to be for my well being and not worrying about what has happened in the past.

For example,I am trying to become more balanced and along with that more patient and less angry with others.
Many times,I get bothered by things that I cannot control and these are things that I am still learning to deal with.
I cannot control noisy neighbors,road construction or general ineptness.
Dealing with the day to day routine that so many others are able to shrug off with ease will always be an work in progress for me and likely will always be that.

Perhaps my past has built those issues,but I can try to scale those problems little by little by not allowing myself to be bothered so much.
It is and will likely always be difficult,but things do not get better unless we try.

Other things mean moving on and not looking back.
If some things continue to hurt,you have to change the behavior or change the people involved or learn nothing from the past
This rule is not always correct,but often times it is-change the environment,change the behavior..
I am trying to do both....

Hope to be back later with more....

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